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The 28th session of the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties in the UAE. COP28 UAE will be a milestone moment when the world will take stock of its progress on the Paris Agreement. 

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Welcome to WILDLABS!

Hello and welcome to the WILDLABS community! With 6,000 members and counting, we want to get to know you a little better. In a couple of...

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I finally managed to sit down and write my intro! So glad to be here and meet you in the future. 


Why I joined Wildlabs:

Reversing the biodiversity crisis is the biggest task of our species. So I strongly believe in collaboration. It is always great to meet like-minded people that want to tackle this challenging task. I think Wildlabs is a great place to collaborate. 


What I am working on:

In December last year, I quit my job to create my own companies, to tackle this issue 24/7. 

With Wildya - I combine nature & personal development 

With Wild Business Mates - I help biodiversity heroes like you to get better at the business side of your business, NGO, grassroots organization etc.


My base:

I am based in Biarritz on the South West Coast of France. In the beautiful Basque Country. 


What I hope to find:

I think we all have a part to play, no matter if you are a scientist, activists, artists, business leader, politicians and co. So I hope to connect with everyone that is thinking solution-oriented and want to tackle this challenge together. 


How I can contribute:

I hope to learn more about the current roadblocks that you identified that are holding us back. I hope to contribute with my business knowledge to help you to get the financial means that you need to deliver your impact. 


BONUS: What you need to know about me.

  • Love outdoor sports
  • eat an Ice cream per day (chocolate obviously) 
  • have a dog
  • favorite place I have been: Botswana
  • best animal encounter: sleeping close to lions in Botswana
  • I am a certified field guide 


Have a great Easter and wish to meet you all soon! 

Greetings, everyone! I'm thrilled to join this wonderful community. I work as a postdoctoral researcher at MeBioS KU Leuven having recently completed my PhD on "Optical insect identification using Artificial Intelligence". While our lab primarily focuses on agricultural applications, we're also eager to explore biodiversity projects for insect population estimation, which provides crucial insights into our environment's overall health.

Our team has been developing imaging systems that leverage Raspberry Pi's, various camera models, and sticky traps to efficiently identify insects. My expertise lies in computer science and machine learning, and I specialize in building AI classification models for images and wingbeat signals. I've worked as a PhD researcher at a Neurophysiology lab in the past, as well as a Data Scientist at an applied AI company. You can find more about me by checking my website or my linkedin.

Recently, I've created a user-friendly web-app (Streamlit) which is hosted on AWS (FastAPI) that helps entomology experts annotate insect detections to improve our model's predictions. You can find some examples of this work here: [link1] and [link2].  And lastly, for anyone interested in tiling large images for object detection or segmentation purposes in a fast and efficient way, please check my open-source library "plakakia".

I'm truly excited to learn from and collaborate with fellow members of this forum, and I wish you all the best with your work!

Yannis Kalfas


My name is Holly Cormack and I’m the new Conservation Technology Intern in the WILDLABS team. For the next three months I will be researching what different technology is being used to study animal movement, specifically focusing on biologgers! I will also be reaching out to the movement ecology community to help develop The Inventory, our novel ongoing project to build a dynamic, collaborative, wiki-inspired database of conservation technology!

I completed my Masters degree in Conservation and Management of African Ecosystems with my thesis focusing on how Serengeti Wildebeest movement is affected by risks and resources across different spatiotemporal scales. More recently I’ve volunteered with Saving Wildcats looking at camera trap data. I’m interested in movement ecology and data analysis 

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Sustained Effort: Ten Percent

Ellie Warren
In this thought piece and the finale of our Sustained Effort series, WILDLABS editor Ellie Warren discusses why sustainability is such a difficult challenge to tackle, and why the enormity of that challenge is the very...

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#Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge: Judges' Panel Honorees

Please join us in celebrating this year’s top #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge Honorees as chosen by our panel of leading conservation organization judges, and enjoy the story contained within these entries about how our...

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How are the Arts intersecting with Conservation Technology in a rapidly changing world? 

The Arts, Culture, Technology and Climate Change. Do they have a place together and can they successfully intersect to generate new sustainable realities? This is a current...

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Interested in being part of the Enduata Emaa CBO's Green Planet Ambassadors Project in Amboseli? 

About the Enduata Emaa Community Based OrganizationEnduata Emaa Community-based Organization was founded in 2021 by its Chairman Samuel...

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@richardturere Hello :) and a warm welcome to WILDLABS! Here is the link to @Lekato Samuel Lekato - Founder and Chairman, Enduata Emaa CBO. Sam is interested in conservation technology focused on how to keep wild animals away from community homesteads in Amboseli and I reckon your Lion Lights could help. I'll let you two take on the conversation from here. Thanks! 

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Nature Tech Competition 

Accelerating nature for climate. PLANETech is on a mission to discover revolutionary nature tech solutions to meet Climate, Nature and Land Degradation Targets. 

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ICCB early bird registration extended - join our WILDLABS workshop on movement ecology innovation!

We're so excited to get a chance to see some fellow wildlabbers in person at the International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda this July! For those...

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ooooh! Not sure when I'll be getting to Kigali still, but definitely interested in at least the networking event! Might be a last minute addition to the workshop if I get down early enough.

Hi everyone! 

Quick coordinating update - whatsapp group! 

We can't wait to see you at ICCB in just a few days. We have a whatsapp chat with wildlabs folks attending - dm me or email if you want an invite! We'll use it to keep track of what everyone is doing, good talks and various networking lunches and events through the week.


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Need for statisticians in conservation?

Hello, WildLabs community!I'm currently a Ph.D. student in statistical physics at Virginia Tech, but I am contemplating a shift to a pure and applied statistics Master's program...

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Hi Lev,

We always need more hands in conservation, from whichever field! Engineering, computer science, AI/ML, ecology, environmental science, communications, statisticians, etc. 

I would say that conservation tech is moving heavily towards deep learning for data processing/analysis just because of the sheer amount of data being generated now, so it's always helpful if you have experience in that. But we still need ecological modeling (species distribution models, occupancy models, accumulation curves, etc.) to translate processed data into actionable conservation insights! So experience here too is a plus. 

If you'd like to get a better idea of the diversity of programs, people, and orgs in conservation tech as you navigate your journey, the Conservation Tech Directory may also be a helpful resource for you.

All the best,


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