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2024 Student Conference on Conservation Science

Would you like to come and exchange ideas with the next generation of conservation scientists and get feedback on your research from leading conservation professionals at SCCS 2024? Applications open 24 July 2023.

In person Event
26 Mar 2024
Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Overview on SCCS Conference

The Student Conference on Conservation Science series in Cambridge, Australia, Beijing, Bangalore, New York and Hungary is the only international series of conservation conferences aimed entirely at students.

SCCS helps early career conservation scientists gain experience, learn new ideas and make contacts that will be valuable for their future careers.

Over the past 21 years, SCCS Cambridge has hosted over 3,400 delegates from 136 countries worldwide. 

About the 2024 SCCS Conference  

Applications for SCCS 2024 open on 24th July and close on 6th September.

The most important part of the three-day programme will be poster sessions and fifteen minute talks by students on any aspect of conservation science. Presentations of work in progress, from a broad range of countries, and from economic and social as well as biological aspects of conservation, will all be welcome. Posters and talks are given in-person and all delegates will be able to see all student presentations. There will be workshops and presentations by conservation NGOs and agencies designed specifically for in-person delegates. Prizes will be awarded to posters and talks of outstanding quality and relevance to conservation.

Who can attend? 


The conference is designed for early career conservation researchers from biological, environmental and geography departments of universities as well as conservation and resource management agencies. If you’re a graduate student or have worked in a conservation organisation at an equivalent level for three years or less since finishing your degree, we would encourage you to apply! 

Researchers at an early stage in their conservation career are welcome to apply to attend the Student Conference on Conservation Science. Most delegates are Masters or PhD students, or are working at a similar level in a conservation organisation. Applications from undergraduate students are not accepted.

The majority of delegates are biologists, but we also strongly encourage applications from social and environmental scientists. While we always have a strong core of UK delegates, the conference is truly international with over 60 countries represented each year.

Please be aware that we cannot consider any applications from students who have already been awarded their PhD at the time of application.

Guidelines for Presenters and Talks/Posters

Learn more about the Workshops


The bursary scheme is to help with the costs of getting to the conference. We have broadened our bursary eligibility to anyone who is not from a high-income country, regardless of where they are currently based. So if you’re not from a high income country (as defined HERE) but studying in the UK, EU or USA, for instance, you are now eligible to apply for a bursary. Bursaries are most likely to be awarded to applicants also offering a good quality talk or poster.

Successful bursary applicants will receive full or partial support for their travel costs to the UK, as well as free accommodation and registration at the conference. Visa costs will usually be paid by reimbursement. Bursary holders will need to pay for their own personal travel insurance.

SCCS will not be funding internships for 2024 but we will be increasing the number of bursaries available.

Check out SCCS Sister Conferences here

The SCCS family is growing fast! In addition to the flagship event in Cambridge, there are now SCCS events in India, the US, Hungary and Australia with some possible additions in the next few years.

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