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Cho Sung-ha asked back with a blank face at the random words. Let's do thatLee Yu-won laughed out loud."Your street is so narrow and complicated...
Acoustic Monitoring, AI for Conservation 1 minute 51 seconds ago
This recent article might also be of interest with regard to @dtsavage's point on carbon footprints, but with more of an emphasis on software/AI here - https://spectrum.ieee.org/...
Community Base 10 minutes 57 seconds ago
Great ideas David! I feel like workplace culture questions like you mention are really important, especially for those coming from grad programs/academia where it's so...
Community Base, Early Career 25 minutes 20 seconds ago
@gracieermi & I are happy to announce the latest update to the Conservation Tech Directory, bringing our total...
Acoustic Monitoring, AI for Conservation, Biologging, Camera Traps, Community Base, Data management and processing tools , Drones, eDNA & Genomics, Remote Sensing & GIS, Software and Mobile Apps 6 hours 17 minutes ago
Oh awesome, I hadn't heard of those brands beforehand, thanks for mentioning them!
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Camera Traps 6 hours 25 minutes ago
Yes!That's what we've achieved with a leg strap device and now moving to collar base devices.Kr,David
Biologging, Emerging Tech, Sensors 13 hours 37 minutes ago
Hi @SaraTC, I can see that the products CERES TAG and CERES WILD have been mentioned in the thread. Some information on the tagsThey are the only commercial, direct to...
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Biologging 15 hours 46 minutes ago
its nylon rubber material
East Africa Community, Biologging 2 days 7 hours ago
Hi everyone! After our big launch of messaging last time, this week has mostly been minor fixes and tidying stuff up but I decided we'd be transparent about all these...
Community Base 3 days 3 hours ago
I haven't tried anything like a floating mount for camera traps so would love to stay posted on how it goes. It would open up a lot of possibilities, but it sounds quite...
Camera Traps 3 days 16 hours ago
Awesome stuff!! Interested in what kind of recorders you are using and how are you sync'ing them for the TDOA?
Acoustic Monitoring 4 days 8 hours ago
At Ol Pejeta, through the Kifaru Rising project, we have 19 FLIR thermal cameras that we use to address poaching as a conservation challenge.The cameras have been deployed along a...
Human-Wildlife Conflict, Camera Traps, Sensors 4 days 9 hours ago