Event /  6 Oct 2024

Southern African Wildlife Management Association Conference 2024

6 -11 October 2024 - Windhoek, NamibiaThinking Big: Landscape Level and Transboundary Perspectives on Southern African Conservation Wildlife management in southern Africa faces numerous challenges, including habitat fragmentation and loss, human-wildlife conflict, and climate change. To address these issues, a landscape-level approach that considers ecological, social, and economic factors is essential. This approach involves the integration of various management strategies, such as habitat restoration, community engagement, and adaptive management, to promote the conservation of wildlife and their habitats while also supporting local livelihoods.

In person Event
6 Oct 2024
Arebbusch Lodge, Windhoek, Namibia.

During the SAWMA Namibia 2024 conference, we hope that studies from different regions in southern Africa will be showcased, highlighting successful landscape-level approaches to wildlife management and conservation. We hope that the participants will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned from these approaches and explore ways to scale up these efforts to achieve greater impact. The main theme will hopefully enable presenters to share their experiences on topics such as community based natural resource management, connectivity, green economy, and conservation health. Our goal is to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to guide improved wildlife management and promote sustainable development in southern Africa. 

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