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Header image: Laura Kloepper, Ph.D.


Conservation Science Data Specialist

Giraffe Conservation Foundation
Giraffe Conservation Foundation is seeking a Conservation Science Data Specialist, with a background in Computer sciences or Natural sciences, to assist with the day-to-day management and analysis of data to advance...

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Research opportunities in the Daintree World Heritage region of Far North Queensland, Australia

Michael and Maria Parsons recently purchased a substantial 165 acre lot of land in Far North Queensland, Australia. Entirely covered by tropical rainforest, it is contiguous with the Daintree World Heritage Area and...

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Hi @MICHAEL_PARSONS . I'm Akiba from FreakLabs and we specialize in wireless sensor networks for environmental monitoring. We're currently...
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Climate scientist: Storms

Climate X are seeking an enthusiastic and capable climate scientist to quantify climate change-related risks and physical impacts of tropical and temperate storms. 

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New Platform Help: How do I...?

Hi wildlabbers, Through our annual survey, you've told us (for literally YEARS) that your vision for WILDLABS is that it become the online home for...

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Hi! I can't seem to find the private messages in the new platform. Is it something that's not part of the site anymore?

Hi Ileana, 

Yes, this functionality is coming, it'll be rolled out in the next few weeks. I am actually super excited about how it's working (more live chat than DM system), but we are still going through final testing before we're happy releasing it out into the wild. So hang tight - you'll see message buttons pop up throughout the site and a new icon on your top menu when it's live. 


Hats off to your hard work, Steph! The new platform looks amazing. I'm excited to start exploring. :)

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New Platform Help: Troubleshooting & bugs

Hi wildlabbers, We're so pleased to introduce you to the new WILDLABS Platform. For the past 18 months, we've been hard at work building a new home for our...

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Amazing @StephODonnell   Looking great!

But I had a really odd problem so begin with.

I went through the process to reset my password, and it all looked good. I logged off and couldn't login again!!

I realised that I could login OK on Mozilla Firefox, it was just Chrome.  Grrrrr....

Finally after I cleared my browsing history it logged me correctly.  I guess it was not letting go of WIldlabs 1.0 so easily. 


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