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WILDLABS Awards 2024 - Statistics

At 23:55 yesterday, the application window for WILDLABS 2024 came to a close. 

First, I would like to thank the 191 applicants and everyone who played a role in spreading the word!

In this discussion, I would like to share with you some statistics about these awards.

Let's kick off with a first figure as we embark on the review process! We received a majority of applications seeking support for adopting existing tech into conservation programmes. The two other types of project were almost equally represented.


Additionally, here are some interesting easily calculable numbers that we are pleased with: 

👉 122 applications have been submitted yesterday, right before the end of the application period 📈
👉 More than 50 countries are represented! 🌍
👉 Almost 30% of the projects are directly associated with the Aquatic/Marine environment 🌊

I will try to share more information with you as I get it. If you are interested by any specific figures, feel free to ask and I will see what I can do!

Origin of applications by continent

The determination of application origins by continent relies on the address of the project lead. We will soon disclose the continents and countries where the projects are being implemented.

As anticipated, North America and Europe have a strong representation. In the upcoming years, our goal is to balance the proportion between each continent! 

Origin of applications by countries 

Again the determination of applications origins relies on the address of the project lead.

Here are the 15 most represented countries:

Gender representation in WILDLABS Awards 2024

@alexrood and I dived into WILDLABS Awards data to study women representation. 

Here are the results and some of them are really compelling: