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Anyone can become a citizen scientist - even experts! If you're excited about exploring new areas of conservation tech, contributing to projects, or developing and launching your own citizen science projects or apps, this is the group for you.


Animal tracking stories

Do you have a wild animal tracking story that involves adventure or misadventure? Share it with us! From going around in circles for hours to discovering predators instead...

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Happywhale: AI-Powered Whale Identification

In this Conservation Tech Showcase case study from Happywhale, you’ll learn about how AI tools are helping researchers and citizen scientists identify and protect humpback whales. 

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Crowdsourcing individual ID for pop dyn?

Hi! I'm trying to estimate abundance and survival in freshwater fish populations (trout and salmon) using AI for individual recognition from crowdsourced data:...

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That sounds like a really neat project! Do fish get re-caught often enough that individual ID is useful? Is sample bias (more data from popular spots) an issue?

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Data upload solution for a citizen science project?

Hi everyone. I’m looking to build a web-based data upload server for a citizen science project...

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If you have a server and can host a solution, install on the server your own instance of  Next Cloud, Pydio  or similar - it's exactly what you need without reinventing the wheel. 


Strongly supporting the Nextcloud/owncloud suggestion -
apart from bringing everything you list in your requirements, it would give you a lot of features that might be useful as the project grows (versioning, failover for lost/failed data, sharing, ..)

Available for more advice, if needed.

Hi Jim, could you please update us on your final choice and experience so far?

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Crowdfunding Aerial Baseline Study of Ghost Gear in Koh Phangan, Thailand

We are developing a project in Thailand, using drones to locate lost & discarded fishing gear across Koh Phangan, Thailand.
We're 86% there & only need $1500 to get us over the line. If you can help us, we would really appreciate it!
This project uses drones to create a baseline survey of lost fishing gear & document effects of entanglement on marine species.
We are working with Core Sea & Koh Phangan Sea Guardians to develop a locally led method for ongoing monitoring for discarded fishing gear, using drones.
Thank you, Sol, Tania & Kat


Using social media for Citizen Science projects - examples

Hi everyone, I am a first-year student on the MS in HCI at RIT, and I am working on a school project about using social media platforms for citizen science projects ( I am...

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Hi Natalia!

This is not for birds, but we are running a whole bat monitoring programme based on citizen science, and every tool we have prepared is ready to be used at European scale! You can find all the information here:

Feel free to contact me if you need any information. 

All the best!!


Hi Adrià! 

Thanks for sharing the link and congrats on the plans to upscale it! I will explore the page more and reach out with a few questions about setting up stations and the data collection process.

Thanks again! Have a nice weekend!


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New paper: Integrating machine learning, remote sensing and citizen science to create an early warning system for biodiversity

Opinion paper describing "how data acquired from remote sensing, citizen science & other monitoring approaches could feed in near-real time to an early warning system for biodiversity that integrates automated red-listing of species with the identification of priority areas for conservation."


Software to aid acoustic sound files visualization/labelling + Software to syncronize video/acoustic sonograms

Hi everybody!I am currently trying to figure out if there is any open-source software that could improve our citizen science project on bat monitoring in Europe (and potentially...

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I would also recommend Arbimon. It is well set up to handle Audiomoth recordings. Being cloud based, you will need a good internet connection for sound file upload. I'm just starting to investigate its use for Song Scope recordings. Setting up the call recognisers will be a slow process, but they can be made available to all users once done.

You could try using a video editor like DaVinci for looking at your video and audio together. I don't think DaVinci displays sonograms by default (just waveform) but I think it will open your selected audio in an external editor which would allow you to see the sonograms and make measurements with something like Audacity or Kaleidoscope.

The open-source program Audacity can show the spectrograms and histograms and has quite a lot of other useful features, e.g. playing ultrasound calls slower, so it can be heard by people. 

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