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There are educators everywhere working to teach and train the next generation of sustainability minded students. Whether in formal settings (K-12, undergraduate, graduate) settings or informally as science communication now it is more important than ever to work towards advancing Conservation Tech education. By working on interdisciplinary teams we can help develop teaching and training tools to help expand the field of Conservation Technology creation.


Insight; a secure online platform designed for sharing experiences of conservation tool use.

A secure platform designed for those working to monitor & protect natural resources. Insight facilitates sharing experience, knowledge & tools to increase efficiency & effectiveness in conservation. By sharing we reduce time & money spent to find, test, & implement solutions.


CT Textbook?! Want to contribute/help author? Reach out! 

Hello All,I have had some great discussions this past few weeks on the Conservation Tech Introductory textbook for undergrads. If others would still like to be involved as authors...

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Hey Andrew, 

This MOOC might be worth looking at and speaking to the authors?

Is there an update on this effort? It'd be great to create a fully open source open education resource (OER) from this!

Hi Andrew, 

Are you still working on this text? I'd be interested in authoring a chapter, if you are. I'm a reasercher in Human Centered Design and Engineering at University of Washington, and I work in this space. 

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Digital Disruption for Conservation Toolkit

Made available by the Digital Disruption and the Future of Conservation project team at Unearthodox, the toolkit provides conservation practitioners with a comprehensive introduction to Web 3.0 and AI concepts and their potential use for nature conservation.


Where to start in ct ?

Currently studying a 'diploma of conservation and ecosystem management' at TAFE NSW Australia and am enjoying it thoroughly. I love the prospect of working in the conservation...

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Hi Lucas. 

I can understand that there are a lot of technologies being thrown around and it can be confusing about what is really needed. I recommend to first select an area of conservation you want to focus in, ie: ecological restoration, soil conservation, wildlife management, etc. Based on that decision, look at what technologies are available that can potential help in that field. We do a lot of work in ecological restoration and find that long term, longitudinal monitoring of conservation reserves are important. Because of that, we use a lot of datalogging and wireless communications to monitor remote locations. If you're interested in invasive species management, you might be drawn towards wildlife tracking (movement ecology), trap monitoring, drones, etc. 

The technology is a tool, and you should look at it like field gear. The gear will change depending on what you're setting out to do and the tool is supposed to make your life easier, not harder :)

Hope that helps.


Very helpful, thank you. One more thing, are there any broad skills that apply to all areas of conservation tech that may be helpful to learn/improve, e.g data analysis?

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DSAIL Tech4Wildlife Workshop

Join the DSAIL Tech4Wildlife Workshop that will be held in Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) in collaboration with the WILDLABS Community and Fauna & Flora. This two-day workshop will explore how AI...

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Is a recording available?
Hello @antoineede Thanks for enquiring. The tutorials from the workshop are now available here. 
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Interested in being part of the Enduata Emaa CBO's Green Planet Ambassadors Project in Amboseli? 

About the Enduata Emaa Community Based OrganizationEnduata Emaa Community-based Organization was founded in 2021 by its Chairman Samuel...

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@richardturere Hello :) and a warm welcome to WILDLABS! Here is the link to @Lekato Samuel Lekato - Founder and Chairman, Enduata Emaa CBO. Sam is interested in conservation technology focused on how to keep wild animals away from community homesteads in Amboseli and I reckon your Lion Lights could help. I'll let you two take on the conversation from here. Thanks! 

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