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There are educators everywhere working to teach and train the next generation of sustainability minded students. Whether in formal settings (K-12, undergraduate, graduate) settings or informally as science communication now it is more important than ever to work towards advancing Conservation Tech education. By working on interdisciplinary teams we can help develop teaching and training tools to help expand the field of Conservation Technology creation.


Introduction to CT Textbook 

So this is an idea that I've had for a while, and I have some bandwidth for it now. I want to make a purely online (free for all users) conservation technology textbook (...

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Hi Andrew, I think this is a great initiative, and I'd be happy to support it.  I'm an EdTech expert rather than conservation tech, although I do teach coding/camera-trapping basics etc.  What I could do is act as a sounding board and offer ideas on how to make the online resources interactive, choose EdTech tools that best support what you're trying to achieve, running it as a MOOC, open licencing of learning materials, and/or supporting sociable and peer-learning.

I'm self-employed so wouldn't be able to commit as much as several hours/week, but I could be involved at that level at particular stages, commit several hours/month, or be a resource person that you call on when needed.

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Suggestions for user research/co-design methodologies

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone on here has an experience with user research or user testing for conservation technology 'products'? Please get in touch, I'd love to discuss...

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Welcome to the Conservation Tech Training and Education Group!

Hello and welcome to our group!In this group, we’ll be discussing all things conservation tech education. That may seem broad and the intent of it is!...

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Hi everyone! I'm Christian, a technologist (engineer/designer) interested in crossing conservation, technology and education. I have worked in ed-tech projects before and recently got interested in conservation. I'm currently on the board of directors of a K-12 school focused on ecology and conservation. The school is located in Tandil, Argentina, right in one of the oldest mountain chains of Latinamerica. I'm mainly helping with fund raising and looking forward to introduce projects that combine technology and conservation for kids.

Hi all!

I'm a research and development technologist working at Margo Supplies. I specialize in industrial design and IOT product development for managing human wildlife conflict. 

Always happy to exchange knowledge and contribute to open source hardware projects.

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CV4Ecology 2023 Applications

Hi all! The 2023 CV4Ecology Summer Workshop is open for applications, deadline December 15th 2022.  I'm...

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Hey Sara, thanks for sharing!! If you have time, you should definitely post the info session as an event on our calendar, and you're also welcome to add the application info as an opportunity if you haven't already! We'll be happy to give both another boost on our social media channels too!

Hey Sara,

Thanks again for the session today--it was super helpful! 

I have access to a pretty large network of camera trappers, and I'm currently surveying them to see who might be willing to share data with me. That being said, I can likely get data-sharing agreements with each of these agencies sorted out before the application deadline, but may not have the data in-hand by this time due to a lack of resources for transferring such large amounts of data. 

I've used Azure Storage Explorer before to rapidly transfer large datasets like this, so I think it might be easier to compile all data in one location once we have access to the VMs. Would it be acceptable to apply with the signed data-sharing agreements in mind, and with the intent of organizing all of the data once we acquire access to the computing resources? 

Yes, that's definitely ok! You should just outline your larger plan and where you are at in the process in your application. However, the compute resources are intended to be used for model training and won't be available too far in advance of the school (or at least I can't guarantee they will be) , so you would need to make a plan for pre-summer workshop data storage, wrangling, and curation to get the data ready to train models on. Let me know if you're having issues with that and I can try to help brainstorm.

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The Variety Hour: November

Join our November Variety Hour to learn about Club Arribada, an after-school conservation tech training programme in Principe, discover how you can use our new Conservation Tech Training and Education Group, and hear...

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