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WILDLABS Awards - Ask your questions!


With $60,000, $30,000, and $10,000 grants available for 14 outstanding projects, the support of engineering and technology talent from Arm (the leading semiconductor design company), and access to the world’s biggest conservation technology community, the WILDLABS Awards are a powerful opportunity for users and makers of technologies for nature to take their projects to the next level. Closes January 14th, 2024.

For more information, visit the launching page.


Something is not clear? You want to know if you are eligible? We will try to answer all your questions in this thread! 

You think that the question has already been asked? Don't hesitate to ask again! 

We are here to ensure that there are no obstacles for your application!

Question received by email: 

"Could you please let me know the policy on indirect costs? Do you cover them, and if so is there a percentage that you will cover?"


We do encourage people to budget their indirect cost in the "Other costs" section of the budget. 
There is no limitation for these costs but we reserve the right to ask you questions about each line of your budget. 

Question received by email:

"We are based in a specific country and am I am emailing to enquire if we are eligible to apply for the Wildlabs Award project funding from this region please?"


There is no restriction linked to your country of residence so yes, you are eligible to apply!

Question: How will my application evaluated?

Answer: The selection process is the following: 

  1. The WILDLABS team will review every applications in order to check the eligibility criteria and make a first round of selection.
  2. The WILDLABS selected applications will go through an Arm evaluation for a second round of selection. 
  3. The WILDLABS+Arm selected applications will be evaluated by a judging panel that we are currently building for the third and final selection round. 

As written in the Terms and Conditions, individuals participating to this selection process ARE NOT eligible to apply. 

Moreover, we will ask each individual to NOT review applications to which they are closely related (i.e from the same organisation).

Question received by email: "I was wondering whether this award is able to cover the stipend of scientists working on the project"

Answer: Yes, staff costs are covered by these awards as you can see in the budget section of the application form.