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Protected area management systems empower essential frontline conservationists to monitor wildlife and ecosystems in real-time. With tools like SMART, EarthRanger, and Esri's Conservation Land Management toolkit, users can collect, integrate, and display data from across landscapes to ensure that key information from the field gets to decision-makers in time to make a difference. This group is the place for new and experienced users of these tools alike to ask questions, share experiences, and work together to improve their effectiveness in critical conservation landscapes around the world. 


Recommendations for Personnel Trackers in challenging terrain

Hi WildLabs community, I support a few wildlife areas in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The terrain can be very challenging here with deep narrow valleys and thick...

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Hi Lisa,

Not my area of expertise either and hopefully I'm not way off base here as it's not a cheap tracker but...have you looked at near vertical incident skywave (NVIS) radio systems?  I was trialling them in Nouabalé-Ndoki - we didn't have the terrain issues but we did have vegetation issues - and they worked really well over long distances.  Also possible to integrate with Earthranger if I recall correctly.  

Hope this is of at least a little help.





Hi Lisa. 

Did you ever find a solution for this? Would love to chat more about the use case and requirements.


Have you tried or considered Garmin Inreach or Zoleo trackers?

I have experience with Garmin Inreach in relatively rugged terrain in Greenland (probably not as steep as what you have).

They work relatively well. One disadvantage with the early models is that the tracking data can not be downloaded directly from the devices as .gpx but needs to take the detour over the Garmin cloud. The newer models have direct download of tracks available.

I like the fact that the Garmin units are proper standalone handheld GPS units to be used for navigation and waypoint marking and you can also relatively easily share your own location and even points of interest with team members in the field (by sending geotagged messages - not actual waypoints, unfortunately). 

Garmin Inreach is listed as an EarthRanger partner at but I have no idea if there is any possibility of real integration.





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What Biologgers are you using?

Hello biologging community!My name is Holly Cormack and I’m the new Conservation Technology Intern in the WILDLABS team. We are researching what different...

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Thanks a lot for putting together this survey!

Just introducing our company, Nix, french based and most recent on the market as we conceived and produced IoT biologging trackers working on GPS/LTE-M/LPWAN networks with super high autonomy and lightweight for terrestrial animals. Already working on a nanosat version for next year, to cover territories without network at all.

Our trackers have been used primarily in the EU to study species behavior in mixed enclosures and for land use management at the animal park of Auvergne, home to 65 endangered species.

Take a look at the video and let me know if you'd like to discuss your own needs!

Interesting. interesting. I'm probably jumping the gun here but I'm curious - are you getting any trends on types of biologgers or specific manufacturers people are talking about? Or is everyone using different tags/manufacturers? 

Ah! It's great to find out about your tags - great video, thanks for sharing. We'd love to hear from some of your users about their experiences with your tags! Would you be able to share the poll with your user community? 

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#Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge: Judges' Panel Honorees

Please join us in celebrating this year’s top #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge Honorees as chosen by our panel of leading conservation organization judges, and enjoy the story contained within these entries about how our...

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CCIPH: Empowering Communities in Biodiversity Efforts

Center for Conservation Innovation Philippines Inc.
In this Conservation Tech Showcase case study from the Center for Conservation Innovation Philippines Inc. (CCIPH), you’ll learn how uses technology to conduct critical biodiversity assessments and empower local...

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Need for statisticians in conservation?

Hello, WildLabs community!I'm currently a Ph.D. student in statistical physics at Virginia Tech, but I am contemplating a shift to a pure and applied statistics Master's program...

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Hi Lev,

We always need more hands in conservation, from whichever field! Engineering, computer science, AI/ML, ecology, environmental science, communications, statisticians, etc. 

I would say that conservation tech is moving heavily towards deep learning for data processing/analysis just because of the sheer amount of data being generated now, so it's always helpful if you have experience in that. But we still need ecological modeling (species distribution models, occupancy models, accumulation curves, etc.) to translate processed data into actionable conservation insights! So experience here too is a plus. 

If you'd like to get a better idea of the diversity of programs, people, and orgs in conservation tech as you navigate your journey, the Conservation Tech Directory may also be a helpful resource for you.

All the best,


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Osa Conservation: A Multi-Tech Toolbox of Solutions

Osa Conservation
In this Conservation Tech Showcase case study from Osa Conservation, you’ll learn about how technology is aiding their long-term efforts to prevent wildlife crime, protect critical species, and build a climate-adaptive...

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CyberTracker: Streamlining Data Capture

In this Conservation Tech Showcase case study from CyberTracker, you’ll learn how this software application is revolutionizing the data collection processes and enhancing efficiency in the field.  

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EarthRanger User Conference

Back for its 8th year, don't miss this year's premier global annual event where conservation practitioners from around the world convene to discuss important challenges and solutions

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Anti-poaching tech vulnerable to cyber attacks, study finds | ITWeb

While tech deployment has often been hailed for playing a critical role in the fight against poaching, these technologies bring with them the risk of cyber attacks. This is based on a study conducted by Orange Cyberdefense Academy’s Christelle Steyn, as part of her thesis titled: “Towards a Critical Review of Cybersecurity Risks in Anti-Poaching Systems in South Africa”.


Are you Using EarthRanger?

Hey Everyone,We recently ran our first workshop for the Women in Conservation Technology Programme, Kenya and in our interactions with the cohort, one of the things that stood out...

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Very Insightful Ken! Great to see how the team at Ol Pejeta has been keen on integrating EarthRanger with other software, to have everything in a single system and better monitor wildlife and manage resources.


I was recently working with a client integrating Internet of Things hardware alerts through EarthRanger to automatically create a work order and dispatch fieldworkers to deal with the alert issue. Unfortunately the client has become very busy and the work put on hold, but we are interested in completing the integration to the benefit of all those using EarthRanger. Do you have a contact at EarthRanger who we could deal with directly?


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