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Protected area management systems empower essential frontline conservationists to monitor wildlife and ecosystems in real-time. With tools like SMART, EarthRanger, and Esri's Conservation Land Management toolkit, users can collect, integrate, and display data from across landscapes to ensure that key information from the field gets to decision-makers in time to make a difference. This group is the place for new and experienced users of these tools alike to ask questions, share experiences, and work together to improve their effectiveness in critical conservation landscapes around the world. 


Commercially available connected audio sensors

Hi - can anyone advise if there is a commercially made passive audio recorder that can be powered by solar/battery and have 3g/4g connectivity - ideally with compression on the...

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I am not aware of any such connected loggers/recorders but they would be nice. 

The AudioMoths have been revolutionary in providing audologging at a low cost but they take a lot of "data muling" (carrying SD cards in and out of the field sites) and swapping of batteries.



Hi Lars, thanks for the response. We are using lots of Song Meter Micro's atm and they have proved to be resilient. Just need something which doesn't involve going on site regularly - but get the data off. 

Rainforest Connection's (RFCx) Guardian devices may be of interest. They are solar-powered and have connectivity options for Wifi, GSM and satellite transfer. They've previously been used for detecting e.g., gunshots or chainsaws (using edge computing) and then sending positive detections/alerts to folks on the ground. RFCx also hosts Arbimon, a free, no-code software platform that facilitates analysis of audio data as well. Happy to chat more if you'd like to talk further about it! 

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Software Engineer

Join the Arribada Initiative! We have a unique opportunity for a software developer to create mobile / desktop applications and intuitive user interfaces that assist researchers and fieldworkers to conserve wildlife.

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Live Q&A Discussion on EarthRanger: All you need to know about the system! 

Hey everyone,If you’re looking for a #tech4wildlife tool to manage your field data in a single system, this may be the solution you’re looking for!Joining us in a few minutes for...

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Thank you so much for leading this Q&A session @kennedy_muriithi and for your time. It was lovely hosting you and I believe the community has learnt a lot about the EarthRanger system.

If you have any questions for Kennedy, kindly drop them anytime in this discussion thread- he is more than happy to answer all your questions!

Thank you Kennedy and see you all in our next Q&A session. We will be exploring an interesting conservation technology topic and featuring an amazing speaker, so stay tuned. See you next time!

Hello Kennedy,

Many thanks for sharing your experiences with ER.

Does ER support integration with Qgis  and Arc gis desktop or its only configured to support Arcgis online only?

@Ann_Wambui , Qgis and ArcGis Desktop are stand alone apps that are useful in coming up with geojson files and/or shapefiles that store the location, shape, and attributes of geographic features. 

Earthranger does provide a mechanism to upload these geojson and/or shapefiles so that the geographic features stored within these files can be visualized on Earthranger. 

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SMART Consultant

The SMART partnership is seeking to develop a detailed guidelines and recommendations to use SMART Competencies developed in 2021. We are seeking a consultant to facilitate this process and create the guidelines.

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Ceres Tag sends just in time alerts and GPS location to have the power to track and trace.

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Conservation Data Coordinator 

Giraffe Conservation Foundation
Giraffe Conservation Foundation has now opened this opportunity to qualified candidates willing to work remotely. The position is desktop-based and the successful candidate can work from anywhere in the world to provide...

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New remote sensing papers/datasets

Near real-time global 10 m land cover mapping via Dynamic World; combining Sentinel-1 & -2 data for tree species classification; detecting elephants from drone imagery; Ecuador's satellite monitoring for illegal...

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Are you Using EarthRanger?

Hey Everyone,We recently ran our first workshop for the Women in Conservation Technology...

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At Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya, we have deployed EarthRanger to have a central place where on one single system we can monitor key wildlife such as the collared lions & Elephants, in real time, track our assets such as our patrol vehicles, and to store and analyze our ranger collected observation data in order identify trends and insights. 

The use of EarthRanger in this manner has contributed significantly to our understanding wildlife movement and interaction behavior, helped us better address HWC issues, we also have a better picture of the various incidents occurring within the conservancy and their resolution. Finally, patrol effort is now much more easily managed and visualized ensuring that all areas of the conservancy get covered. 

Our ER system has been integrated with SMART, and all the data collected in the field by our rangers using SMART MOBILE can be accessed and analyzed on EarthRanger. 

Our analysis of data within EarthRanger is done using Tableau which comes bundled together with EarthRanger, this is how we can identify data trends to inform better decision making in the management of our resources. 

The system has been up for over 3 years and we are continuously exploring the opportunities this tool has to offer with regards to protected area management.

Very Insightful Ken! Great to see how the team at Ol Pejeta has been keen on integrating EarthRanger with other software, to have everything in a single system and better monitor wildlife and manage resources.

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Survey for Doctoral Research on Poaching in Protected Areas

Hello. I am a third year PhD candidate at Penn State University.  I am currently working on my doctoral research on geospatial data synthesis in protected areas for...

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I tried to fill it out but it's not letting me finish because all the questions are set to be required? Some of them are not relevant or the info is unknown to me, but not all the questions have this as an answer option. Just something to consider FYI

Hello.  I have reviewed the questions this am and all the questions on the survey that force a response should have a N/A or "I don't know" option.  That said, there are still some bugs that I have found with the survey.  Please email me at [email protected] if you encounter any more issues and I will be happy to address them promptly.  Thank you very much for taking the time to complete the survey.


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