discussion / Acoustics  / 30 March 2024

WILDLABS AWARDS 2024 - Underwater Passive Acoustic Monitoring (UPAM) for threatened Andean water frogs

In our project awarded with the "2024 WILDLABS Awards", we will develop the first Underwater Passive Acoustic Monitoring (UPAM) program to assess the conservation status and for the long-term monitoring of population trends of an Andean water frog in the high-altitude arid environment of the Central Andean Puna ecoregion of northwestern Argentina.

The main objective of our project is testing the existing technologies of automated underwater-recording devices (HydroMoth - GoupGets) combined with automated species recognition software (Kaleidoscope Pro - Wildlife Acoustics) and environmental sensors (HOBO data loggers) in the extreme environment of high-Andes Puna to develop a standardized monitoring tool for scientific-based management decisions towards the conservation of the threatened Pozuelos’ rusted frog (Telmatobius rubigo) in the core area of the MAB-UNESCO Laguna de Pozuelos Biosphere Reserve in Jujuy province in NW Argentina. 

The output of our work is the development of a UPAM protocol based on open-source automated recording units for survey aquatic biodiversity as a response to the increasing environmental problems that freshwater ecosystems face. This protocol will be destinated to protected areas management, community-based monitoring, and to measure the impact of economic activities on freshwater resources

Great to see more work going into freshwater PAM! I would recommend also touching base with Jack Greenhalgh's Freshwaster Sounds Archive! And feel free to reach out if Arbimon would be helpful for your data analyses :)