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To get in touch with the WILDLABS Team, contact us at [email protected]

Our team is always here to help members of our community! You can speak to us by tagging us in public threads, through direct messages via our profiles here in the WILDLABS Community, by attending one of our events, or by emailing us at the addresses below. If you're not sure who to speak to, just email our [email protected] and one of our team will pick it up.

Stephanie O'Donnell | st[email protected] 

  • Contact me for general WILDLABS inquiries. I'm also the person to talk to if you're interested in learning more about supporting or partnering with WILDLABS.

Talia Speaker | t[email protected]

  • I'm the go-to person for any questions about the WILDLABS Research Programme. If you'd like to learn more about our community-sourced research, including our State of Conservation Technology Report and Tracking Progress project, please get in touch.

Ellie Warren | e[email protected]

  • As the WILDLABS Editor, I'm the person to speak to about any communication-related things. I'm here to take any questions about posting articles and other content to WILDLABS, posts to our social channels, and all inquiries about WILDLABS Editorial projects (like our Technical Difficulties series). I'm also interested in hearing pitches and ideas about topics WILDLABS should be covering in our events or editorial work, so please get in touch with these too!

Esther Githinji | [email protected]

  • Contact me for any questions about our East Africa Network, including our Women in Conservation Technology Programme.

Jake Burton | [email protected] 

  • I'm here to help with any inquiries about using the WILDLABS Platform. Get in touch if you need help troubleshooting any problems, if you have questions about upcoming functionality releases, or if you have requests for new functionality. If you'd like to start a group or become a WILDLABS curator (moderator), I'm the person to speak to!

Header image: Nigel Butcher, RSPB