WILDLABS is the first global, open online community dedicated to conservation technology. 

Published Date: 2020/10/23

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With seed funding from tech sector giants Arm and Google.org, the United for Wildlife partners launched the WILDLABS community platform in 2015 to encourage and enable the more open sharing of information about the use of technology to fight against illegal wildlife trade and the myriad other pressing issues facing our planet. 

The mission of WILDLABS is to resolve conservation issues through technology. The platform brings together a community of conservationists, technologists, engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. 

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WILDLABS aims to build and support an active cross-sector community of conservationists and technology experts who use the WILDLABS online platform to: 

  1. Share information to increase transparency and reduce replication of effort
  2. Ask and answer questions to share best practice, to increase efficiency and effectiveness of technology deployment to address conservation challenges
  3. Collaborate to improve existing technologies or develop new technologies that address identified conservation needs. 

The problems faced by our planet and the challenges facing conservation cannot be solved by any one sector working in silos. To find solutions will need new voices and new approaches. Together, we can build the solutions needed. 

Annual Reports

To learn more about our community and the impacts we've achieved together to date, download our annual reports by clicking on the images below.

WILDLABS Community Review 2018/19  WILDLABS Annual Report 2017  WILDLABS Annual Report 2016