discussion / Sensors  / 24 February 2024

A Sensor-Based Approach to Studying Animal Behavior in Light Pollution Research

Greetings, I'm Sebastian!

I am share with you a project that I will need help on some aspects: "Development of a system for recording animal activity and behavior based on sensors, for use in light pollution research."

My project aims to address this gap by developing an autonomous system for recording variables (light, images, sound, temperature) that can be deployed for field measurements. The animals commonly present are birds, geese, and insects, which I will focus my measurements on. For that, I'm searching sensors and protocols to made this autonoums system functional (e.g. an AudioMoth to measure bird songs):

  • Develop a design for a multivariable recording system.
  • Implement a unique synchronization protocol, despite WIfi or Bluetooth.

    This is intended to help keep nature present in the botanical garden due to the fire that occurred in Valparaíso, February 2024.

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!

Sebastian Bustos

Will this be autonomous with lots of power available or does it have to be very low power such that it’s restricted to micro controller implementation?

What are the requirements for synchronisation ? Lots of data or very small amounts of data ?

Over what distances are you wanting to synchronise?