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The software and apps used and built by the conservation tech community are as varied as the species and habitats we work to protect. From fighting wildlife crime to collecting and analyzing data to engaging the general public with unique storytelling, apps, software, and mobile games are playing an increasingly large role in our work. Whether you're already well-versed in the world of software, or you're a hardware expert looking for guidance from the other side of the conservation tech field, this group will have interesting discussions, resources, and ideas to offer.


Software to aid acoustic sound files visualization/labelling + Software to syncronize video/acoustic sonograms

Hi everybody!I am currently trying to figure out if there is any open-source software that could improve our citizen science project on bat monitoring in Europe (and potentially...

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I only really know about the audio side of things, not sure about incorporating video too. 

Raven may be something to look into? From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. There's a bunch of different license purchase options that are pretty affordable (especially compared to other proprietary software like BatSound or Sonobat, though the latter has a free viewer platform).

Arbimon may be something to look into as well, as it is completely free & has a nice online GUI. Though this is more aimed at passive acoustic monitoring-type stuff.  

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Data upload solution for a citizen science project?

Hi everyone. I’m looking to build a web-based data upload server for a citizen science project...

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Dropbox sounds like a good choice here, but probably only if you're willing to install the client-side software. The sync engine is fast and can handle the failure recovery and progress reporting requirements. You can upload via web browser without installing anything but this is much slower and less fault tolerant. If it fails part way through you will need to manually restart it.

Same goes for Google Drive and others.

If you want to go down the Django route and have a nice system for managing things like this, the Wagtail CMS could be a nice fit as it'll do lots of this for you and leave you room to grow.

But this might fail on the restarting large multi-part upload part.

So might be best to write directly to an Amazon S3 buket and use their available libraries to manage the uploads (you'll probably want to use some cheap storage if handling a lot of files anyway). There's a guide linked below which covers everything in too much detail but I'm sure people have jumped off it to build stuff. I've used the Boto3 SDK to write to S3 a lot including lots of huge files but haven't accounted for drops in internet connection apart from just restarting the process when failed so can't be 100% confident on an answer there.

Hi Jim,

Not my area of expertise, but have you considered FTP with a web based client?

Two options I found quickly are Net2FTP (which can be installed on your own server) and MonstaFTP.


I know there are some security issues with using FTP but I see MonstaFTP can pass data securely from the web front end to the FTP server. 

I don't think these options meet criteria 4, but I think you would need to install a client to get upload resuming to work reliably.

Best wishes,


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