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How to kickstart a conservation tech career, when you lack a formal biology education?

Hello everyone!My name is Jacobo and I am Sustainable Tech Master's graduate, and a conservation tech enthusiast! I am currently in the lookout for an exciting opportunity to...

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Hi Jacobo,

I feel like I'm in a similar place as you are regarding getting into conservation tech. There's another post here on WILDLABS that you might find useful in case you haven't seen it already.



Sounds like you have plenty of the necessary skills. I work on the hardware side of things and have no biology background besides my intro university courses. 

There are tons of different angles into the space. Where are you based out of? Perhaps I could offer some suggestions.

Hi Jacob

I am Emanuel Massawe a bachelor degree graduate at the College of African Wildlife Management Mweka. I love conservation technology so much and i am looking for a scholarship to persue a Masters degree in conservation technology.I don't know where to start i hope this comment will be a cool start for that and thanks for your message.

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Career Change Advice

Hi All,I’m seeking advice on a career change.  I am an early career software engineer currently working in medical device software test automation. I want to break into the...

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Hi Carly!

It's exciting to hear that you're thinking about how to apply your skills to conservation! I made a career pivot last year from an electrical engineer at the department of defense to a PhD student designing community-driven environmental sensors and its been awesome! Definitely took some work to figure out what I wanted though.

Good places to start might be joining the AI for Conservation Slack group (it has a jobs page) and potentially the Work on Climate community. In my experience people in these communities are generally very happy to give advice to someone pivoting into the field. 

If you are considering the academic route, you should think about whether you want a Master's or PhD (or something else). It might be hard to find a Master's program specifically for software + animals, but some HCI programs might have tracks that allow you to work with animals, for example with Georgia Tech's Animal-Computer Interaction Lab. If you're open to a PhD, I would recommend exploring the existing academic literature for papers that seem interesting and then looking more into the authors.

I'd be happy to talk more if there's other advice I can provide. Good luck!

Hi! Great to meet another Carly :) 

You might also want to look through the Conservation Tech Directory, which has lots of job boards & academic labs plus a huge number of organizations, companies, tools, etc. that you could peruse to help narrow down your search or strategize your career change.

Hi Carly,

I'm asking myself the same questions. I've recently contributed to MoveApps, which was a very nice entry point into conservation tech/movement ecology for me. Perhaps you find it interesting, too. There's a nice article on it here on WILDLABS. Let me know if you have any questions on this.



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Digital Disruption for Conservation Toolkit

Made available by the Digital Disruption and the Future of Conservation project team at Unearthodox, the toolkit provides conservation practitioners with a comprehensive introduction to Web 3.0 and AI concepts and their potential use for nature conservation.


Apply Now: CLP 2024 Team Awards

Conservation Leadership Programme
The Conservation Leadership Programme 2024 Team Awards are now open to applicants. Apply by 10 October for consideration.

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Where to start in ct ?

Currently studying a 'diploma of conservation and ecosystem management' at TAFE NSW Australia and am enjoying it thoroughly. I love the prospect of working in the conservation...

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Hi Lucas. 

I can understand that there are a lot of technologies being thrown around and it can be confusing about what is really needed. I recommend to first select an area of conservation you want to focus in, ie: ecological restoration, soil conservation, wildlife management, etc. Based on that decision, look at what technologies are available that can potential help in that field. We do a lot of work in ecological restoration and find that long term, longitudinal monitoring of conservation reserves are important. Because of that, we use a lot of datalogging and wireless communications to monitor remote locations. If you're interested in invasive species management, you might be drawn towards wildlife tracking (movement ecology), trap monitoring, drones, etc. 

The technology is a tool, and you should look at it like field gear. The gear will change depending on what you're setting out to do and the tool is supposed to make your life easier, not harder :)

Hope that helps.


Very helpful, thank you. One more thing, are there any broad skills that apply to all areas of conservation tech that may be helpful to learn/improve, e.g data analysis?

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Sustained Effort: Carbon Footprints and Capacity

Sol Milne
In this article, Sol Milne discusses his experiences with sustainability, both in terms of environmental impact and project longevity, and considers how uncoupling conservation work from colonial ideas can help us build...

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#Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge: Judges' Panel Honorees

Please join us in celebrating this year’s top #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge Honorees as chosen by our panel of leading conservation organization judges, and enjoy the story contained within these entries about how our...

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TRCO Hiring Research Assistant 

Tanzania Research and Conservation Organization (TRCO) is currently advertising for a research assistant position to join a TRCO team to carry out research and conservation projects in various places in Tanzania.

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Tales of career triumph

Hello Wildlabers!I am trying to break into the ocean conservation tech world, and would love to hear about your tales of triumph breaking into the industry! Tell me about mentors...

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Just tangentially, can you elaborate on "…work in the environmental field but in the aviation industry"?

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