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Just starting your conservation tech career path? Our Early Career group is the best place to network, chat about your master's projects, and seek advice from your peers and those who have been down this path before! Join now to get to know community members and students from around the world!


Open to pro Bono positions

Hi ! I am joy - based in London. I am a techie/hardware engineer /software engineer who became an entrepreneur. Over a period of 10 years I build and sold successfully 2...

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Seeking opportunities: Innovation manager with hands on skills in prototyping, data-science, product

I am looking for career opportunities to align passion for tech with love for nature: I mean that I care about the conseguences of my working activities (including negative...

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Thanks so much @skatewing 

It is impressive to notice that almost all are outside of EU, and my concern is the working rights to collaborate with US or UK organisations due to VISA constraints. To your knowledge:
- does companies in this space are keen on enrolling people that would require a working VISA ? 


- can it be usual practice, in this space, to collaborate with people outside of USA or UK with freelancing contractual agreements, in order to ease out restrictions ?

In my opinion I thought that proposing myself as a contractor might have offered an administrative (aka, less costs) benefit for such companies, but experience with HR from UK and USA brought evidence they prefer people at least already resident in their Countries and with a VISA permit. 

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Wildlabs ML course group study

Dear all, A study group is forming to collectively tackle the embedded machine learning course on Coursera:

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Hey Neelang,

Would love to join in on the Slack if you folks are still active. I'm thinking of taking up related courses as well.



I'd be interested too, but as a very green newb would I be able to follow or would another group/course be more appropriate to establish some background first. 

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Study group for online classes

Dear all, Please contact me or write here if you're interested in joining an online study group for free online classes (see...

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Hi Neelang! I've just started some online courses and would love to join a study group. Please add me to the Slack channel. Thanks so much! :)

Hi Neelang, 

I'm assuming you all have already started, but if it's not too late, I would love to join your group! Please let me know how I can join your Slack.



Hi, anyone interested in joining: send me a message with your e-mail!

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University & Grad School Resources

Hi Early Career comm, Ellie here! With so many new opportunities popping up these days to earn degrees in conservation tech-related fields, I thought it'd be worthwhile to...

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Hi all,

Dropping in with another great program! Many of you have probably heard of this one already: it's the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation! They have courses and training options for all education stages, including for high school students who are thinking about following a conservation career path. 

The graduate and professional short courses also have a strong conservation tech focus, with training options in GIS, camera trapping, and statistics, specifically. Definitely worth having a look! You can find their courses here.


Hi again,

WILDLABS member Meredith Palmer shared this great course module for undergrads, based around Snapshot Serengeti camera trap data! This materials are useful for professors who are looking for resources for online biology courses, but the resources may also be useful and interesting for those of you who are exploring conservation tech career options and want to learn more about camera trap studies.

We've been hard at work to create distance-learning material based on our #citizenscience #cameratrap projects to teach concepts in #ecology and #conservation. Excited to announce that our 5-week online undergrad module is now available on @CourseSource!

— Meredith S. Palmer, Ph.D. (@songofdodo) November 18, 2020

Those of you who are interested in bioacoustics will want to check out this Master's course!

Looking for a master degree in #bioacoustics? Already doing your PhD & wanting to spend 4 months studying #bioacoustics? Look at MoBi, a new Master's course in Bioacoustics, taught in English by over 30 expert tutors from around the world.
Please RT!

— Nicolas Mathevon (@MathevonNicolas) January 29, 2021
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BIPOC mentors/mentees + Scholarship Opportunity!

Hi Wildlabbers, Our friends from Black Mammalogists Week are creating a network of mentors and mentees for Black and...

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Hey Wildlabbers,

Wanted to update with another opportunity from the Black Mammalogists Week organizers!

They're working on a BIPOC scholarship with the funds raised during Black Mammalogists Week, and they'd like to hear about how $1500 would impact your research and early career development! Details here:

Hey y'all this is still happening!

Are you BIPOC? Interested in mammals/wildlife?

How would *$1500* change your research or professional development? DM us for how to contribute a 30-sec vid to our campaign for the BIPOC scholarship endowment. RT!

— Black Mammalogists (@BlkMammalogists) November 10, 2020
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Survey: Applying tech to conservation

Dear all Wildlab-ers  If you are a biologist, scientist, researcher or conservationist, please help us fill out the survey or connect us to both institutions that you know...

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Ways of developing skills and knowledge

Hi all, I'm new to the community here and, coming from an engineering background, I am fairly new to conservation as well. At the moment I'm trying to get...

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Hey guys,

please count me in. I am software engineer and would love to get some well structured knowledge about conservation, environment, ecology, climate change, biodiversity loss and alike. I'll be more than happy to create learning group with you.


Outstanding! I've created a Slack page: Please message me your e-mail address to be added. From there, we can discuss who wants to learn what and then create subchannels if needed.

Hi everyone,

I've taken several courses from the Edx platform and a few from Nat Geo.

I highly recommend Edx courses. They cover material with enough detail that I've always learned something but never been overwhelmed. Many of them provide additional material for more in-depth reading.

I can't speak to any of the other platforms on the list, but I intend to check them out.

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Hi, this is Upayan Chatterjee from India. I am currently a student of technology and wish to get into conservation post my graduation. The passion in the field has grown over...

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Looking for an Internship

Hello everyone! My name is Kiana Lawton and I am a junior study biology at Brigham Young University. I am passionate about conservation and caring for animals, especially...

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Where to Look for Conservation Jobs (running list)

A common challenge for early career conservationists is not knowing where to look for opportunities in our highly interdisciplinary field....

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I would suggest focusing on honing a skillset that would make you a killer applicant. Wildlife is a hard field to get into, so instead of targeting a species of interest, it would be helpful to jump on any opportunity to get more experience. Even if it is not directly related to what you want to do. Try picking up some volunteer work or internships to get your foot in the door and see if it is still what you would like to do too!

But honestly, there are conservation organizations that would also benefit from the skillset of an engineer! Try looking into different organizations that interest you and see where your skills may fit in with that. Honestly, there situtations where conservation groups depend on engineers to help preserve a species or protect a habitat. You can look into wildlife parks, national parks, wildlife refuges, etc to see how your skills fit in there... unless you want to completely leave engineering behind of course.

@Michiko Thanks a lot for the motivation and guidance.

I am looking for a job in this sector for quite sometime but have been unable to find one. Since one must keep running the house, I am working in Jacobs as a design engineer for the last 2 years.

I will try and try and try. But if u do find something do let us all eager eco-concerned Indian engineers know.

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Internship and Early Career Opportunities 2019

Hi ECG!  This thread is a place to share any relevant #tech4wildlife internship or project (e.g. honours/masters/phd opportunities) you hear about that might be of...

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WildCRU Camera Trap Internships
WildCRU’s wide-spread and long-term camera trapping study spans South East Asia to West Africa to Scotland. Based at Tubney House, we are looking for early career undergraduate or masters students to work closely with our camera trapping co-ordinator to identify species and tag camera trap images using WildCRU’s camera trapping protocol. You will learn a variety of skills, attend WildCRU’s camera trapping workshop and have the opportunity to network with WildCRU’s international community.

Interns will be appointed for 3 month, usually on a part time basis, at £9 per hour, ideally starting 10th June. To apply, please send us a CV (no longer than 2 pages) and a covering letter detailing your experience to [email protected] and [email protected] by 24th May 2019.

More info:


Caracal is a cloud-based data integration & analysis platform for protected areas. We are looking for creative graphic designers and frontend developers who are willing to contribute remotely to our young yet exciting conservation technology project. We primarily need help developing intuitive map icons for categorizing incidents and species, as well as building frontend components for our web app.

This project is ongoing and those interested are encouraged to email us at [email protected] or by completing this form:


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Welcome to the Early Career group. In a few sentences, please introduce yourself, your background, and your areas of interest. What brings you to the community? What are your...

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Hi everyone,

I am Rita Pucci from Italy but I am bouncing everywhere to follow my work. I am a Computer Science researcher, currently, at the University of Udine (north Italy).

My research is focused on building new machine learning models for computer vision, in particular for image classification and manipulation. I developed a machine learning model that used signals from sensors to identify tortoises behaviour and a model to classify species from camera traps in forests in India. I really loved working for conservation and I want to be involved again in the conservation field.

I joined this community because it seems to be a safe place to start connections with people from other research fields and get in touch with (maybe) people for collaboration.

I really want to contribute to this community as much as I can. 

Enjoy your time


Hi everyone!

I'm a recently graduated Industrial Designer, looking for some opportunities in wildlife conservation projects. I can offer knowledge in the industry and production processes, design and development of product alternatives, project management and decision-making. Feel free to message me for any inquiries!

Hello everyone! 


I am currently a senior undergraduate student working on landscape genetics research using RAD seq data and GIS data. The organism we've been studying is Rana aurora  the Northern Red Legged Frog. I'll be stating a new project this summer looking at how noise pollution affects learning and communication in birds. I come from a non technical background but I am extremely interested in applying machine learning and ai to the research I work on. 

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