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Technology is changing and evolving faster than ever, and as it does, our community members are looking for the next big thing to revolutionize their conservation tech work. To chat about your favorite new tools that are just emerging in the field and discover innovations you haven't yet heard of, join this group!


Virtual fencing / Kinetic energy harvesting / Holistic grazing

Hi everyone, Stephanie invited me to share some recent developments in Finalnd.I'm David and I'm a mechanical engineer from Rijeka, Croatia, working as a Marie Curie postdoc at...

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Akiba! Thank you for the nice words. 

It seems we're technologically at a point where power dissipation of digital processors can match the kinetic energy harvesting (KEH) power outputs - and it's getting better all the time. It can get very depressing when talking about real intermittent power available from a KEH generator (range of hundreds of uW to single digit mW - and 0 when no movement). That's why it's important to build the application and sampling times around it - and vice versa. 


Great work with the soil sensors! I was playing around with the ThingsOnEdge cricket with the Dallas temp. sensor for my wife's compost temperature monitoring - it worked like a charm - but yeah - you need a Wi-Fi close by. It would be impossible for here to get precise compost turn-over times and consequently correct compost microbial-fungal composition without it!

So for someone very much not on the tech-side of conservation tech.... kinetic energy harvesting collars are using the kinetic energy from the animal's movements to power the collar? Or have I completely butchered that?

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Cofounder needed

Hey all ! if you have an idea that you want to turn into a company- I would love to help. I have enough hardware/software knowledge (was an engineer) to be the cofounder of a...

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What about developing a drone conservation training course for field conservation staff teaching specific skills for specific research needs. 

How exciting @Joyeeta ! I'd love to learn more about the companies and projects you worked on, can you share more info about them?

I once chatted to an entrepreneurial advisor with a couple of my conservation tech ideas, and he said my ideas are good/impactful but don't make for a product worth millions of $$$ of turnover per year that would interest investors. So I am very curious about how you got your conservation tech businesses off the ground!

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Virtual Meetup Discussion: Future Questions & Tools in Movement Ecology

Hi everyone, Tomorrow, June 8, is our fourth and final WILDLABS Virtual Meetup in this...

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We've actually been looking into NFC to automatically provision field devices to set/read/store metadata. We're staring down the barrel of a large deployment and metadata is one of the issues that we think really needs automation. We're thinking of having a dedicated device to write and read the tags that would go on the devices as stickers and automagically sync the metadata with the database. An added bonus would be that most recently modern phones support NFC protocols like NTAG or MiFare Classic. That would mean that they could also be both read and written with the GPS coordinates, timestamp, etc as they're deployed in the field. It's still under discussion with the many other things that need to be implemented, though. I do think it's interesting that what we're seeing in a lot of conservation technology applications is not just a need for new technology but also the less exciting but more practical need for things that improve productivity like automating metadata management. 

Using NFC makes a lot of sense too. I'm just on an older lower-end device that doesn't support it, which is why it didn't pop immediately to mind. Would be interesting to see what the adoption rate for NFC-capable phones is across countries though I'd imagine some phone manufacturer or something already has that data.

A bit opposite of what you're looking for but according to this, the share of non-NFC enabled phones was 10% in 2020. They don't state their source unless you pay, but I suspect that's in terms of total phone models, not total phones in use. So it's highly likely that phones with no NFC in use is much higher than that. 

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