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Join us in our session to feature the latest developments and applications in groundbreaking biomonitoring tech in the tropics

In person Event
12 Feb 2024 - this event is in the past.
Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa Campo Grande, Lisboa, 1749-016, Portugal.

Hi WildLabs Community, 

Registration for the European Conference on Tropical Ecology, taking place in Lisbon from 12-16 February 2024, is now open. 

I am co-organizing a symposium titled: 'A spotlight on cutting-edge technologies for biodiversity monitoring in tropical ecosystems'. With our session, we are trying to reach a broad range of speakers covering diverse taxonomic groups, ecosystems (e.g. terrestrial, lentic and marine) and tools (e.g. eDNA, drones, camera traps, acoustic monitoring, satellite tracking, LIDAR, etc...). We are looking for people who are either already applying cutting-edge tools for biodiversity monitoring in the tropics, or developing tools that have potential to be applied in tropical systems. 

Considering all the amazing work featured on this platform, I was hoping some of you might be interested in showcasing your work during our session. 

You can check out the session call here: 


Feel free to reach out with questions if you have any :). 

All the best, 

Thomas Luypaert



The Galápagos Islands can be considered Tropics? We do drone monitoring of the marine iguanas with the project Iguanas from Above :)


Andrea Varela

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