discussion / Acoustics  / 2 April 2024

Thoughts on RooBadge?

I came across this new Volkswagen initiative today, RooBadge, a vehicular kangaroo deterrent that uses telemetry data to automatically play high-frequency sounds in dense kangaroo population areas to deter vehicle collisions. 

Read more about RooBadge: 

Is this just an overhyped new tool, or could it actually have positive impacts? What are the anticipated effects of noise pollution for other animal populations? Curious what the community thinks!

Hi @alexrood , I would normally be quite sceptical, as there's been quite a lot of work over here on what's called the 'shuRoo' (because of course that's what it would be called in Australia), and it doesn't seem to have as much of a beneficial effect as one might hope (e.g. https://meridian.allenpress.com/australian-zoologist/article-abstract/42/3/690/472529/Roo-the-day-evaluating-the-ShuRoo-for-prevention). However, given that it involves two researchers with a wealth of knowledge about macropods and deterrents (and the very same authors of the ShuRoo experimental trial linked to above), I am much, much more optimisitic! Shall be watching (or listening to?) this one with great interest and thanks for sharing!



That is an interesting concept, and it would be great if something out there worked. In the meantime, I will try not to drive at dusk 🦘

At one point, I knew the "sonic" animal guards were the most stolen components of cars. You head in, get groceries, and come out, and they are gone. They weren't on the car long enough for me to confirm that would work