article / 12 March 2024

Introducing Badges: A new WILDLABS feature!

We’re unveiling badges, a new feature that allows you to showcase how you’re involved in WILDLABS. Keep track of engagement, show off your collection, and maybe even engage in some friendly competition.

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature of the WILDLABS experience: badges! Badges are symbols of engagement that are earned by interacting with the community through posting, reacting, commenting, attending events, and more.

Our vibrant and engaged community is the heart of this platform, and badges are a fun new way to visualise your unique WILDLABS experience, quickly identify other engaged members, and perhaps engage in some friendly competition!

Earn badges and level them up through engagement

We’re launching 9 badges that are automatically earned when you interact with the community and contribute to the platform (including activity on The Inventory Beta!). Badges come in levels that associate with a certain amount of engagement. To start, we have bronze, silver, gold, and full colour. Read more about which badges can be levelled up here.

As you continue to interact on WILDLABS through posting, commenting, reacting, and more, you’ll level up your badges over time. Keep an eye out as we add new levels in the future!

Stand out in the community

In addition to badges that everyone automatically earns through engagement, there are also a range of badges that are awarded to communicate different roles in our community. WILDLABS Group Curators, Variety Hour speakers, members of our advisory groups, and WILDLABS team members (to name a few examples) will be given unique badges that represent their function in the community.

Customise what you feature

Badges will automatically show up on your profile page, but you can also feature up to five badges on your profile card—that’s what people see when you post, comment or view the members tab. Easily customise which badges are featured and in what order they appear.

Don’t fancy showing certain badges? No problem! You can also hide badges from your profile page and profile card.

Where can you find badges?

Your badge collection is located on the left side-bar of your WILDLABS profile page.

All of your account activity to date has been added towards your badge progress, so head on over to your profile now to check out what you’ve earned thus far!

To learn how to use badges and see the full list available at launch, read our user guide.

In reply to Rob_Appleby

How do I get as many badges as @alexrood !! Also, I want all the ones @carlybatist has that I don't have!! @alexrood  and @carlybatist please teach me! I must have all the badges!!


Ha! If you really want to be impressed, check out @StephODonnell's collection. It makes my head spin. Check out the awesome PDF Jake put together to see how to get as many badges as possible!

In reply to Rob_Appleby

How do I get as many badges as @alexrood !! Also, I want all the ones @carlybatist has that I don't have!! @alexrood  and @carlybatist please teach me! I must have all the badges!!


Hmmm it looks like the main things are levelling up posting and reacting! It also looks like you might need to meet the Sprout badge requirements (see more info here) which are intentionally a little more tricky to get to avoid bots getting it.

I'll also manually give you the Variety Hour Regular badge, there might have been an issue with your zoom registration email not matching wildlabs.

In reply to Frank_van_der_Most

I find it a great idea, but I hope it keeps the badge junkie in me from adding too much BS additions just to get the badge!

How did you arrive to the achievement counts for the different levels? In most cases they roughly follow a linear increase. I would make ( at least for some badges ) the level 4 really hard to reach.

We had a workshop internally to decide on the triggers for different badges. If you look at the badge guide pdf they tend to be over double or triple the previous level's number. So our idea was the make each level exponentially harder to get (although not exactly). The level 4 badges should be much harder to get than the other levels, the jump should hopefully be big enough but we can always add higher levels in the future perhaps with some special colour variations!

Although for some badges we made the first one easier to get because we didn't think it was fair to have to do more to get it, such as Inventory Reviewer only requiring 1 review.

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