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Technology is changing and evolving faster than ever, and as it does, our community members are looking for the next big thing to revolutionize their conservation tech work. To chat about your favorite new tools that are just emerging in the field and discover innovations you haven't yet heard of, join this group!


Technical Difficulties: The Path to Success

Gautam Shah
In his contribution to the Technical Difficulties Editorial Series, Internet of Elephants founder Gautam Shah shares the lessons learned from challenges throughout his unique career path as an entrepreneur working and...

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Internet of Elephants is seeking test users for our early prototypes

Internet of Elephants is currently designing and building the first prototypes of online games to bring 20 million people all over the world closer to real wild animals.  Not...

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Thanks Stephanie for giving it a go.  It is most certainly very basic right now - hardly a game yet - but purposely left that way so as to leave a lot of space for feedback and ideas.  We'll put out another version in a few weeks - what is promising is that a lot of the things we were thinking to do next align with a lot of the feedback that is coming in.

Hi John - thanks for giving it a try - It is so basic that I'm surprised at all the positive response we get - nice to see people are open minded about this being version 0.000001  :)

Yes - definitely - the idea is to do this for maybe 10-15 different species around the world.  We want the user to eventually come in and 'spin' the globe, see what is happening with real wild animals in different parts of the world, and have a fun way of engaging with them.  

We don't yet even know which animal we would go live with first - that is still discovery to see what data is the most interesting from a game perspective combined with what captures the attention of people the most.  Elephants certainly do the latter, so we're testing out with some elephant data we have.  But we're seeing that wildebeest data and migratory bird data could be far more fun.

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Hi all, I've been on the look out for people using games/game engines for conservation purposes and thought I'd say hello in this group!  I'm a Unity3D developer...

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I only know Internet of Elephants! Have you heard about them?

I think their new competitor is Google, have you seen?

Internet of Elephants last launch was Wildeverse -

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Explorer Classroom: Gautam Shah

National Geographic
Join National Geographic Explorer Gautam Shah in NatGeo's Explorer Classroom on May 21st at 2PM EDT. Gautam will discuss Internet of Elephants' latest project, Wildeverse, a mobile game that brings primate conservation...

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Creating the Wildeverse

The new mobile game Wildeverse from Internet of Elephants lets players digitally teleport primates into their homes through a unique and engaging blend of technology and storytelling. Wildeverse creator and National...

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Hello everyone - great to have this group and the interest in gaming for conservation.  You may have already introduced yourself in other parts of WILDLABS...

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Hi - my name is Rogue Marechal, founder of HAL-13, a game board publisher specifically interesting in connecting the gaming community to the world and challenges of wildlife conservation.

Our first game, Serengeti: A Race For Life is an attempt to raise players/consumers awareness to the importance of biodiversity, by emphasizing the need to study and protect a wide range of species, as a means to help the enrire ecosystem.

By joining this community, I’m hoping to gain useful insight into wildlife protection, to enrich my knowledge of this field, and feed it back into my game designs.

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Pokemon Go concepts for wildlife conservation

We've been thinking this way for a while, but nice to see someone else write about it with some great ideas:

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Hi Gautam, 

Really interesting idea, thanks for sharing the post. Although this isn't quite the expansive action plan identified in the piece, it reminded me of the #pokeblitz hashtag that's sprung up in parallel with the Pokemon Go frenzy. If you find an actual creature while playing #PokemonGO, you can tweet pic with #PokeBlitz & experts will help you identify it! It seems to me to be a nice first step for 'making pokemon go real'. 




'Pokémon-Go players could capture 400 years of wildlife sightings in 6 days' - what an incredible figure! Like you, @mygshah , and Jordan, Dr Tom August has also been thinking about how Pokemon go could be applied to conservation:

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