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Best Temperature/ Humidity Dataloggers

I'm after getting 20-25 temperature and humidity dataloggers for deployment in the field. I've considered iButtons and other single-use devices but would rather invest in something that is both rechargable and reusable. 

We were looking at the U23-001A HOBO Pro V2  sensors, but at £257/unit, they're much more expensive than I was expecting. Is this a good unit at a good price? or are there better and cheaper options out there?


Hi Becky, I flirted with such a beast here.  It's a bit dated and could use some updating, and it's a DIY solution, so perhaps not what you're looking for.

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Hi Becky. 

You may want to check out the Wildlogger board and course that we put together for WildLabs. It's centered around a temperature and humidity sensor and a PIR sensor but it's also possible to use other types of sensors with it. There is the full course software available and if you want, you can just skip to the end and use the final software which contains the data logging and power management. 


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Hi Becky,

Have you considered the Kestrel Drop D2? They're significantly cheaper at $99, but not rechargeable. They take button batteries, but these last a long time with standard settings. They connect to an app on a phone, but can store large amounts of data before needing to be synced. The one thing to be aware of is that you should make some kind of rain cover to hang them from, because the humidity sensor is exposed, so if it gets wet, it will just show 100%...