discussion / Climate Change  / 2 June 2023

How are the Arts intersecting with Conservation Technology in a rapidly changing world? 

The Arts, Culture, Technology and Climate Change. Do they have a place together and can they successfully intersect to generate new sustainable realities? 

This is a current global question artists, technologists and climate experts alike are trying to answer through innovative collaborations and new-age projects which hope to not only raise awareness on climate related challenges across regions but appeal to human emotions to evoke action towards sustainable practices and futures. 

Here are a few examples of what this interaction looks like today:

Before It's Too Late by Linda Cheung - a nonprofit founded out of MIT and based in Miami, FL that uses public art and technology, like virtual reality and augmented reality murals, to awaken and engage people on the climate crisis.


DigitalArt4Climate - an unprecedented multi-stakeholder partnership initiative with UN Habitat which uses blockchain technology to turn art into digital assets or NFTs, which can be collected and traded, thus opening up a socio-technological innovation space which helps to unlock extraordinary potential for resource mobilization and climate empowerment.


FutureFantastic - a TechArt festival in India that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and art to start a dialogue on climate change not only to highlight the impact of climate change but also inspire action towards a sustainable future.


With this, we'd like to hear your thoughts on:

How else have you seen or do you see the Arts playing a role in Conservation Technology in your region?

What unique conservation-related challenges can such intersections solve?