article / 19 July 2023

Renew Capital launches Renew Venture Lab

Renew Capital is sourcing startups for our next Super Angels Fund and we are hoping to close investments in 20 startups before the end of December 2023.

We would appreciate you spreading the word to founders that might want to be considered. Our investment process is as follows…

  1. First, we teach entrepreneurs about our investment process: All interested entrepreneurs are invited to the pre-Lab training. Those who participate learn about 1) how our and other investment firms work; 2) the basic steps of the investment process; 3) the key documents involved in the investment process; and 4) what happens after you receive an investment from Renew Capital.
  2. Second, 100 founders will be invited to Renew Venture Lab: Those that meet our criteria and complete the pre-Lab training, will be invited to the Renew Venture Lab. This is a series of more focused trainings on preparing your company ready to receive an investment from our Super Angels Fund. We expect 100 entrepreneurs will be chosen for the Lab. The Lab is a blend of online and live training, along with a number of coaching sessions delivered by the Renew Capital team. 
  3. Third, the best 50 from the Lab will pitch to our Angels: Entrepreneurs who complete the Lab and further screening by Renew Capital are invited to present to Renew Capital Angels. Their pitch will be recorded and posted to our investor platform, where Angels view and vote.
  4. Finally, the top 20 companies chosen by Renew Capital and our Angels will receive an investment: Renew Capital plans to invest $50K, $150K or $300K, depending on Renew Capital’s assessment of your growth, into the top 20 companies. Thereafter, companies will begin a 12-month journey to go from MVP, to product-market fit, and rapid growth, at which point they may qualify for a larger $500K to $4M of funding from Renew Capital’s venture fund. 

As part of the process, entrepreneurs will have access to investors and capital, growth tools and training, mentoring and other African markets. 

If there are companies in your network that might be interested in being considered for an investment, they should consider applying (LINK) or at the very least join an upcoming live session, Journeys in African Ventures (REGISTER).  

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