article / 6 April 2024

Underwater advertisement call of the threatened Telmatobius rubigo (Anura: Telmatobiidae

In a recent publication we tested Underwater Passive Acoustic Monitoring (UPAM) as a feasible non-invasive technique to study the calling behavior of therathened aquatic Andean frogs under natural conditions in the extreme environments of PUNA in the central Andes of Argentina

Underwater Passive Acoustic Monitoring (UPAM) has been used infrequently to register subsurface vocal behaviour in anurans. This study describes the underwater advertisement call of Telmatobius rubigo based on recordings made with UPAM technique. Telmatobius rubigo call is a low-frequency trill composed of 6 to 22 pulses with amplitude modulation. The spectral and temporal characters showed differences from other Telmatobius species. The UPAM, combined with automated call identification software, showed effectiveness in monitoring the calling behaviour of this aquatic Andean frog in their natural environment. UPAM and soundscape/riverscape analysis should be incorporated as a non-invasive tool for monitoring threatened aquatic species.

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