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Technology may solve climate change problems, but it’s also causing them | VentureBeat

Interesting thought piece from Mark Minevitch (AI for Good) et al. on the promise of AI and other ICT innovation to deliver on climate challenges, existing ICT sector emissions - and the three types of carbon lock-in which need to be actively managed (behavioural, digital, infrastructure).

'The danger is that the promises of digital technology can blind us to its less-recognized contributions to climate woes. Emissions from the ICT sector already rival those of the airline industry. Moreover, the few studies done so far (a,b,c) suggest the ICT sector’s emissions will at least double to 2-3 GTCO2e and if the rise in global GHG emissions is limited to 1.5˚C by 2030, contribute approximately 10% of the global GHG burden — nearly equal to that of the automotive industry. And these are cautious estimates.'


Research Associate

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is seeking a new Research Associate to join their Conservation Technology Lab team.

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Ceres Tag sends just in time alerts and GPS location to have the power to track and trace.

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2022 EarthRanger User Conference

Join the 2022 EarthRanger User Conference on 4th-6th Nov at the Great Rift Valley Lodge in Kenya, for an opportunity to connect with other users and experts, to share stories and ask any questions you have on the tool....

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