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Every day, mapping and spatial analysis are aiding conservation decisions, protected areas designation, habitat management on reserves and monitoring of wildlife populations, to name but a few examples. If you are excited by the ways in which GIS is used in conservation, this is the group for you!


What is your favorite package or software for visualizing animal tracking data?

Hi all,I manage a large research collaborative focused on conservation applications of animal tracking data (Smithsonian's Movement of Life Initiative).  I'm interested in...

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I am very interested in this topic. In particular with birds. I used Argos then exported to g and Qgis (Mexico dosnt use Arc too much). And Movebank but I am unsure if it comes without tracking devices. The data was interesting.


Please keep me updates. 


Thank you for your time. I sometimes am late to reply as I am in the field a lot. 


Saludos and cheers!!


Hi Jennifer, Movebank can handle all kinds of location data, metadata or sensors (height, depth, speed, acceleration, IMU, heartrates) and Firetail ships with a module that can directly open Movebank data (your or other projects) and keep them up to date - most sensors will work out of the box. 

If you have any specific questions or projects in mind, don't hesitate to contact me. Cheers, Tobias

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Insight; a secure online platform designed for sharing experiences of conservation tool use.

A secure platform designed for those working to monitor & protect natural resources. Insight facilitates sharing experience, knowledge & tools to increase efficiency & effectiveness in conservation. By sharing we reduce time & money spent to find, test, & implement solutions.


TWS2023 - get in touch

Hi, I'll stick around at the TWS2023 Louisville with our friends from e-obs to do some live Firetail demos and discuss your ideas and requirements. Would be great to get in...

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I'm registered with the TWS2023 app, so feel free to nudge me there as well

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1st Wildlife Scientific Conference 2023

Don't miss the Wildlife Research & Training Institute (WRTI) 1st Wildlife Scientific Conference to be held in Naivasha, Kenya, under the theme: “Use of Wildlife Science for enhanced Biodiversity Conservation and...

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Which market-available microphones, accelerometers and GIS sensors for dogs / pets ?

I have conducted an MSc thesis in data-science applied on bioacoustics data, and wish to carry on some experiments on my own now, using domestic environment as a lab.I am looking...

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Hi Luigi!


You should have a look at the μMoth

 developed by @alex_rogers and others from Open Acoustics Devices:

As an alternative audiologger meant to be animal borne, check out the Audiologger developed by Simon Chamaillé-Jammes @schamaille et al :

This one can also log acceleration and magnetometry! We have recently deployed it on muskoxen in Greenland.

For a GPS tracker, you may want take a look at the SnapperGPS by @JonasBchrt & @alex_rogers :

As an alternative the i-gotU GPS logger may be of interest:

Regarding your question on sampling frq: We have been using 8Hz (and 10 Hz on the Audiologger Acceleration logging) for our slow moving muskoxen. For an animal like a dog, you probably want to sample at somewhat higher frq. This group used 50Hz in a study of arctic fox: 



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Remote Sensing | Free Full-Text | Estimation of Forest LAI Using Discrete Airborne LiDAR: A Review

📢 New Paper: Estimation of Forest LAI Using Discrete Airborne LiDAR: A Review by Luo Tian, Yonghua Qu and Jianbo Qi

👉 Read the full article: