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Conservation Technology Intern - The Wildlife Restoration Foundation

The Wildlife Restoration Foundation is hiring a Conservation Technology Intern 

Remote - United States

The Conservation Technology intern is an integral part of the Wildlife Restoration Foundation (WRF) team, working to build WRF’s organizational capacity, resource base, and visibility as you contribute and strengthen your wildlife conservation knowledge and skills. Every WRF staff member plays an important part in meeting the WRF mission, which is to increase park wildlife population viability both ex situ and in situ, working closely with National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Marine Sanctuaries and Forests and their zoo and aquarium partners, as well as park gateway communities. Our goal is to ensure WRF operates effectively and efficiently and generates funding to function as a foundation providing resources that enable measurable, boots-on-the-ground and fins-in-the-water wildlife conservation results. The CTS use tech to solve wildlife conservation problems raised by Zoo-Park Partnerships (ZPPs) for America’s Keystone Wildlife.

Examples of ZPP wildlife challenges

  • Reducing widespread, transmissible fungal disease and deadly parasites in mammals and amphibians.
  • Removing invasive plants with the efficiency to reverse the great loss native species.
  • Securing human food attractants from bears to condition them to avoid areas inhabited by people.
  • Raising animals ex situ (at zoos/aquariums) in ways that prepare them to survive in the wild.
  • Examining and improving habitat features to repopulate vacant habitats.

Technology Used to Tackle Wildlife Challenges

Hardware Engineering

  • Telemetry devices
  • Tracking and monitoring

Software Engineering

  • Data collection transfer
  • Software to translate the data
  • Apps developed for users
  • Virtual reality


  • Transportation underpasses and overpasses
  • Penetrable fencing and geofencing

Animal Husbandry and Care

  • Virtual fencing
  • Food and water delivery systems

Healthcare Technology

  • Inoculant Delivery Methods
  • Disease and injury monitoring and response

WRF interns are required to designate 10 hours a week to WRF and agree to work with WRF for 4 months, with the possibility of extending to 6 months. The Conservation Marketing Specialist Intern will collaborate with WRF’s senior leadership on a variety of WRF marketing and fundraising tasks, applying creativity, productivity, and a self-starter attitude to meet WRF needs.


  • Perform duties as assigned by the WRF Director of Conservation & Operations and occasionally by the WRF President and participate proactively and enthusiastically on the WRF team.
  • Create a digital interactive version of our Zoo-Park Partnership’s Summary Action Plan
  • Assist with implementation of new technologies to the organization
  • App formatting and installation

Experience Required

Software creation, knowledge of conservation issues



How to Apply

Email your resume and cover letter in one PDF document to [email protected]. Please label your document in the following format name_position_date

Full application information.