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Want to learn QGIS!

Hi Guys, I wanted some suggestions on GIS.

As GIS applications are increasing day by day I wanted to learn this program, so how do I begin with as I am a beginner and have downloaded the QGIS software as it being the Free one, but I don't know anything further as how to learn the software with respect to its wildlife implications. 

So how and where do I start from, where to get the data from I have no idea.

Thank You.


Lars Holst Hansen
Aarhus University
Biologist and Research Technician working with ecosystem monitoring and research at Zackenberg Research Station in Greenland
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Hi Priyank!

I would take a look at the training materials provided on the QGIS site itself.


There is a link to an introductory course for instance:


Also there is this:


Good luck!

I am interested in helping, where did you reach so far?

Training materials are a good tutor; you may check with me for a few calls.

Liz Ferguson
Ocean Science Analytics
Marine mammal ecologist and online technical trainer
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Hi there Priyank, 

Certainly is a very useful tool! My company will be coming out with a course that is marine oriented (QGIS Essentials for Marine Science Professionals) in a couple of months, but beyond that, here are a few resources that I have found helpful!