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Welcome to the home of the Women in Conservation Technology Programme (WiCT)! This is a space for the women and mentors involved in the programme to keep in touch, share updates and resources, and problem solve together! Drop into our group to say hello and keep in touch with the programme and participants. 


Thinking out loud

I am a scat dog handler and have been looking to add tech. into my odor training. I got a fresh idea of making a self-dispensing machine that automates when a small novice puppy...

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Hi Naomi,

Sounds like exciting work!  I'm not a dog trainer but we did publish 2 articles on automating dog training, here about modifying the Treat and Train, and here.

All the best,


Thank you for this exciting reply and links to the papers. I use an olfactometer that utilizes Arduino boards. It has been used linked to a treat and train, although my system provides sound feedback and I provide the reinforcements. I found these links very interesting! 

These are great materials to refer to. I just have to wrap my amateur brain around the technological words but I should be fine.  Thank you Harold. 

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Gender Equality in Conservation

Meet the women and men supporting gender equality in conservation #tech. Here is a panel discussion the Women in Conservation Tech (WiCT) led in November 2022, during the EarthRanger User Conference (ERUC). Opening up...

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