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$90K in grants from the Con X Tech Prize

Looking to prototype or pilot a new conservation tech idea or approach? Conservation X Labs is running an idea competition for teams to create a first draft (i.e. prototype) of their conservation solution. 20 finalists will be selected to win a 3,500 USD grant. The 20 finalist teams will be eligible to compete for a grand prize of 20,000 USD.

Conservation X Labs is seeking novel and transformative tools and approaches to conserve the world’s biodiversity and end human-induced species extinctions. While hardware and software solutions are ideal for this competition, any idea that presents a novel approach to a conservation problem is welcome.

The Con X Tech Prize is accepting submissions for conservation technology ideas. Twenty teams will win 3,500 USD each for innovative tech-approaches to conservation challenges. The selected 20 teams will then compete for the grand prize of 20,000 USD. Apply now - the deadline is June 30, 2018.     

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