discussion / Acoustics  / 22 March 2023

Exploring storage options for mass data collection

Hi all. 

I'm currently exploring options for data storage en masse. With our project we will be collecting 24hr hydrophone data, drone video 6hr per day, photography & telemetry data. It's going to be a big whack on storage so am exploring options for various cloud storage potential. 

If anyone has any experience with large amounts of (easily accessible) data storage i'd love to hear from you




Hi Adam!

I mostly live within the ecoacoustics space so I'll just speak on the hydrophone part of your request; Arbimon is a free web/cloud-based platform with unlimited storage for audio files. We've got an uploader app as well for mass-uploading lots of files. There's also a bunch of spectrogram visualization/annotation tools and analysis workflows available. It's AWS running under the hood.

I have some experience working directly with AWS & Microsoft Azure, and I've found personally that AWS was more user-friendly and intuitive for the (fairly simplistic) kinds of tasks I've done.