article / 11 May 2023

Introducing the 2023 Conservation Tech Showcase

Welcome to our new Conservation Tech Showcase, a series highlighting innovative and impactful projects from outstanding organizations around the world.

Our new Conservation Tech Showcase is your window into how outstanding organizations around the world are creating impact and pushing the boundaries of applying technology to their conservation management projects in the field. 

From developing cutting-edge hardware and software to exploring innovative approaches in data collection and analysis to serving local communities and mitigating human-wildlife conflict, this series will highlight the depth and diversity of conservation technology's uses and successes. And just as importantly, these case studies point toward the evolving opportunities to revolutionize how we study and protect wildlife, offering valuable perspective on how each project could make a greater impact through access to critical tools, support, and collaboration. 

Susie Weeks, Mount Kenya Trust

The technologies explored in our Showcase are used and developed by the finalists of EarthRanger's 2022 Conservation Technology Awards, which are designed to support the bold initiatives and ideas of organizations working to innovate conservation technology management solutions with the potential for meaningful, lasting impact. Selected by a panel of experts, including those from WILDLABS, these finalists' case studies capture more than present uses for tech tools in the field - they also reveal glimpses of how organizations big and small could put resources and evolving tech to greater use in future projects.

As you read these case studies, we hope you'll find an experience or need that resonates with your own conservation technology work and skills. No matter what technology you're working with, what challenges you're solving, or what habitats and species you're protecting, you will undoubtedly uncover something within these fourteen showcase pieces that captures your attention and sparks new ideas. 

Justin Steventon, CyberTracker

But even the most cutting-edge technology or perfectly crafted strategy is only as good as the people behind it, and the resources those people can access - and at WILDLABS, we aim to bring together people with bold ideas and connect them to the skills, tools, funding, and networks that can make the difference in their work. Beyond simply being inspired by these organizations and all they have achieved, we also hope you'll consider through the course of this series how collaboration and your own expertise can play major roles in transforming promising conservation tech efforts and helping them reach their full potential. 

Explore Our Conservation Tech Showcase
Shah Selbe, FieldKit

We invite you to join us on this journey and follow along with our series, which will be available to download as a collection at the series' conclusion. Every week from now through the end of June, we'll update this page the latest case studies in this series, available to read on WILDLABS.

Explore our showcase below:

Want to save each case study from this series in one place? Follow our Conservation Tech Showcase collection here on WILDLABS.

Header photo: Big Life's Operation Command Centre, by Jeremy Goss

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