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Join Seeed’s “IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Planet 2022” on Hackster to Get 100 Free Hardware and to Win $14,000+ in Prizes!!!

We hope that open tech can lay an important foundation for achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs), as well as regaining the harmony of nature, humans, animals, and biodiversity.

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31 Jul 2022 - this event is in the past.
12:00 am ~ 12:59 pm UTC


Dear Community,

Together with Hackster.io, we are very happy to jointly organize “IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Plant 2022”, which is supported by Project 15 from Microsoft, Zambezi Partners, Edge Impulse, Fab City Foundation, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), the Paradise International Foundation, Nova Labs, and Helium. We hope that open tech – defined by a set of principles for decentralized tech, transparency, collaboration, community-spirit, agile prototyping and scale-ups – can lay an important foundation for achieving the UN’s 2030 Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yes, we strongly believe that open tech can leverage more positive transformations for our ultimate pursuit: harmony of nature, humans, animals, and biodiversity. Why?

Because – there’s a serious gap between conservation landscapes and technological applications. Up until now, open source technologists, glocal maker communities, and field experts (scientists, environmentalists, conservationists) have been working in silos most of the time. In consequence, the world is seriously lacking applicable, scalable, plug-and-play, and easy-to-deploy AIoT solutions that might be helpful for solving challenges in the wild.

Apply to the Contest during the period of June 8 through September 27, 2022: https://www.hackster.io/contests/iotinthewild


So, What Are the Contest Challenges?

In this Contest, you can focus on making easy-to-deploy AIoT solutions that can contribute to tackling any of the following Challenges or challenge topics. There are 5 Challenges in total, among which you can freely choose to concentrate on topics of one Challenge or combine several Challenges that are specified in this Contest.

🔴 Challenge 1: Climate Crisis Prevention/Mitigation

  • Global warming
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Natural disaster prevention/mitigation
  • Sand depletion crisis
  • Environmentally-unsustainable tourism mitigation

🔴 Challenge 2: Wildlife/Biodiversity Conservation (Unlimited to various types of flora and fauna)

  • Non-intrusive monitoring of endangered wildlife/biodiversity species from various threats
  • Animal movement, behavior and emotion detection
  • Environmental habitat monitoring
  • Human-wildlife conflict prevention/mitigation

🔴 Challenge 3: Marine Conservation

  • Sea level rise
  • Ice and snow melt
  • Marine pollution
  • Harmful algal bloom
  • Plastic pollution

🔴 Challenge 4: Open Science

  • Low-cost, open science hardware solutions as scientific research tools designed for outdoor scenarios in the wild (ex. microscopes, science equipment designs, sensors for environmental monitoring, etc.)

🔴 Challenge 5: Sustainable Agriculture

  • Climate-smart commodities
  • Precision farming
  • Smart husbandry
  • Autonomous greenhouse
  • Local food production
  • Sustainable food supply chain management


3 Types of Awards & Prizes for 16 Winners!

Together with “IoT Into the Wild Initiative Fellows”, we will provide multiple resources to incubate and scale up the best winning project for ‘Excellent Sustainable and Scalable Project Award’ – all the way from industrial prototyping to on-site deployment, industrialization, and distribution at larger scales! This thought is deeply rooted in our values for co-creation of sustainable and scalable AIoT solutions through bottom-up innovation and multi-stakeholder partnership. So, what are the prizes belonging to this Award, as well as other amazing Awards? 

1. Excellent Sustainable and Scalable Project Award (Value of $10,000+): 1 Winner

2. Innovative and Creative Project Award (Value of $500): 5 Winners

3. Enthusiastic Project Award (Value of $200): 10 Winners



Even Better, Free Hardware Application Is Now Open!

In order to encourage a broader range of participants from various sectors to join this Contest, we place no limitations or restrictions on hardware or software products you’ll be using for your projects. In other words, feel free to explore and use the best tools you find fit for your projects – whether they’re from Seeed Studio or not! However, in case you’re using Seeed products for your project, or if you’ve already testified your project on the field, there will be some bonus points.

For your reference, in order to inspire the participants, we’re giving away 100 pieces of Seeed Studio LoRaWAN Dev Kit for FREE, which you can use to build your projects for this Contest.

Now, go and apply now – Show us the power of IoT, AI, and Edge Computing for saving the Earth and biodiversity, and win up to $14,000+ in prizes! 


Kudos to the Contest Supporters!


About Us


Seeed Studio is the AIoT hardware partner for digital innovators.

Since 2008, they have been working closely with global technology ecosystems to provide hardware modules, devices and related services. They integrate the latest technology into thousands of open source hardware modules, so that millions of developers, makers, and innovators coming from different backgrounds can innovate interdependently.

With professional and industrial expertise in Embedded Machine Learning, Edge Computing, LoRaWAN sensors and networks, their ready-to-deploy products are increasingly accelerating myriads of emerging digital solutions in the real world. On this backdrop, their work has been well recognized by both - technology and mainstream media, thanks to their avid services for precision agriculture, smart cities, STEAM education, environmental and meteorological monitoring, scientific researches, smart energy, digital factory, and smart retail, to mention a few.

To continue supporting decentralized and sustainable innovation, they founded “Chaihuo x.factory”, and started China’s first Maker Movement in 2012 by annually organizing “Maker Faire Shenzhen”. Stay connected with Seeed Studio on Discord, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

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