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How do I extract spatial data from EarthRanger to create maps on QGIS & ArcGIS Pro?

Recording now available! In this tutorial, Alina Peter Daati, founder of ConTech Africa, provided a guide on how to map the different EarthRanger data export formats on QGIS. With her extensive expertise in EarthRanger, Alina will helped us identify the different EarthRanger data export formats and demonstrated how best to leverage GIS software for data analysis and visualization.

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13 Apr 2023 - this event is in the past.
4:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm Africa/Nairobi
 Recording Available

About this Episode

The WILDLABS Tech Tutors are here to answer the "how do I do that?" questions of conservation technology! These tutorials will provide practical skills and steps that will become the building blocks you need to push your conservation tech work and research forward. This season, the focus will be to answer the questions emerging from our growing East Africa regional community, while also opening up new tech skills for our global community.

On Thursday 13th April 2023, 4PM EAT|2PM GMT, Alina Peter, Founder of ConTech Africa, led a tutorial on: 'How do I extract spatial data from EarthRanger to create maps on QGIS & ArcGIS Pro?' EarthRanger, a Protected Area Management Tool used to manage field data in real time, enables protected area managers make better operational decisions based on the data managed on EarthRanger. Its intergration with GIS software provides a functionality for receiving geospatial data in real-time data, such as satellite imagery, weather data, and topographical maps. Additionally, EarthRanger can send data to GIS software for further analysis and visualization, to ensure effective conservation efforts. In this tutorial, Alina provided a roadmap on how to map the different EarthRanger data export formats on QGIS.


Meet your Tutor: Alina Peter Daati

Alina Peter is a Technology conservationist and founder of ConTech Africa - an EarthRanger deployment partner. She is an EarthRanger Advisory Council member, where she offers her expertise in formulating and improving certain functionalities, and the Chair and Co-Founder of Okoa Maliasili. Alina previously worked as a Conservation Tech Specialist, Anti-poaching operations room coordinator at Grumeti Fund for more than 5 years, where she was heavily involved in the deployment of EarthRanger and ensured the tool and all integrated tech (radios, collars, vehicles & camera traps) were functioning, managed the radio network and coordinated any active operations. She holds an MBA in IT Management and a Conservation MBA.

We asked Alina....

What will I learn in this episode? 

We will start by identifying the types of EarthRanger data export formats and how to map them on QGIS.

How can I learn more about extracting spatial data from EarthRanger to Arc and QGIS? 

Apart from being proactively involved in sessions such as this one, there are resources available online, take advantage of them and always practice!

If you are looking for resources and a space to ask questions about EarthRanger, the Protected Area Management Tools, Remote sensing & GIS and the East Africa community groups on WILDLABS are great places to connect and gain technical knowledge and skills on the tool.

You can check back and ask questions or offer your insights on some of the discussions around EarthRanger here: 

Additionally, EarthRanger has a great support team that can be contacted through their website here. They recently hosted their 2022 EarthRanger User Conference series and the series recordings accessed here are a valuable resource. 

If I need to take the next step with spatial data extraction, what is the first thing I should consider? 

The most important thing is to get the basics right – know your data and the desirable outputs from that data. Everything else can be built on what you already know!

What advice do you have for a complete beginner in this subject? 

Have an open-mind and be ready to learn, you might just find that it is not as hard as you thought! There are also free softwares available that you can use to develop and hone your skills.

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