Live Q&A Discussion on EarthRanger: All you need to know about the system! 

Hey everyone,

If you’re looking for a #tech4wildlife tool to manage your field data in a single system, this may be the solution you’re looking for!

Joining us in a few minutes for this live Q&A session, is Kennedy Muriithi from Ol Pejeta Conservancy, who will walk us through EarthRanger, a Protected Area Management tool used to manage field data in real-time. In this discussion, Kennedy will use his nearly 4 years of EarthRanger experience to discuss key features of the tool, integrations with other software, considerations for deploying the tool, and much more! 


A few things you need to know about the Live Q&A session:

  • The session will be moderated, but you can ask questions during and after the session e.g. If you need clarification on a question/answer, you are free to ask. 
  • To ask a question that is linked to a specific answer, kindly press the ‘Reply to kennedy_muriithi’ button, type in your question then save to post it.
  • Before moving to each next question, we will give a ~3 minute window to allow you to ask any questions you have, but if you miss that window, you are totally okay asking the question afterwards.
  • If you have any trouble viewing the questions or replies, please try and Refresh the page  
  • If you are present in this session and don’t have any comments, we’d be very happy to see you react using an emoji so that we know you are following through the session!

If you’re working in a protected area and want to make better management decisions, join us and learn how EarthRanger can help you visualize and analyze your collected data to inform your operational decisions.
I’m really looking forward to seeing what questions this community brings to the table during this session!

Thank you,

Hey Kennedy,

Before we start the session, kindly Introduce yourself in a few sentences

Thank you for the great introduction! 

So, For someone who has never heard of EarthRanger, how best can you describe this tool?

Perfect summary!

What are some of the key features and functionalities of EarthRanger (ER)? And having used ER for close to 4 years, what are your favorite ones?

So many interesting functionalities in a single system!

For a protected area manager who would like to adopt ER to better manage their field data, What  are some of the things they’ll need to consider before deploying the tool and What are some of the use cases?