discussion / East Africa Community  / 9 June 2022

Are you Using EarthRanger?

Hey Everyone,

We recently ran our first workshop for the Women in Conservation Technology Programme, Kenya and in our interactions with the cohort, one of the things that stood out was that many of the participants are very curious to explore the ins and outs of EarthRanger so as to better inform the management decisions for wildlife in the projects they run in their host organizations. Interestingly, from a Capacity Needs Assessment  and research study we've conducted over the last 2 years, we also identified the massive interest among Conservation technology players, in acquiring expert knowledge and skills on EarthRanger, as well as the opportunities and barriers to deploying the tool.

If you're using EarthRanger we'd love to hear from you, help answer some of the questions you have and provide a space for you to share your experiences & knowledge with others. How are you using ER in your work or projects? Where have you deployed the tool? What successes have you seen? What challenges have you faced? What resources do you recommend to solve those problems? Would you be willing to answer someone's questions?

I am really looking forward to hearing all your EarthRanger stories!


At Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya, we have deployed EarthRanger to have a central place where on one single system we can monitor key wildlife such as the collared lions & Elephants, in real time, track our assets such as our patrol vehicles, and to store and analyze our ranger collected observation data in order identify trends and insights. 

The use of EarthRanger in this manner has contributed significantly to our understanding wildlife movement and interaction behavior, helped us better address HWC issues, we also have a better picture of the various incidents occurring within the conservancy and their resolution. Finally, patrol effort is now much more easily managed and visualized ensuring that all areas of the conservancy get covered. 

Our ER system has been integrated with SMART, and all the data collected in the field by our rangers using SMART MOBILE can be accessed and analyzed on EarthRanger. 

Our analysis of data within EarthRanger is done using Tableau which comes bundled together with EarthRanger, this is how we can identify data trends to inform better decision making in the management of our resources. 

The system has been up for over 3 years and we are continuously exploring the opportunities this tool has to offer with regards to protected area management.


I was recently working with a client integrating Internet of Things hardware alerts through EarthRanger to automatically create a work order and dispatch fieldworkers to deal with the alert issue. Unfortunately the client has become very busy and the work put on hold, but we are interested in completing the integration to the benefit of all those using EarthRanger. Do you have a contact at EarthRanger who we could deal with directly?