Tech Tutors: How do I use tech ethically?

Hi everyone, 

We're half an hour away from our special Ethics panel episode today at 11 AM ET / 4 PM BST, where Doug Clark, Laure Joanny, Trishant Simlai, and Koustubh Sharma will discuss the question, How do I use conservation tech ethically? To join our open, facilitated discussion about ethics and #tech4wildlife today, register here

See you soon!


UPDATE: The recording of this session is now available! Catch it here and on our Youtube. You can also find each panelists' individual lectures on our Youtube. And of course, if you have questions as you watch, ask them right here in this thread and we'll get them to our panelists. Continue to use this thread to share resources, start conversations, and connect with each other as we explore this subject.