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Query regarding Biologgers for Freshwater crabs

I'm new to WildLabs, I guess I'm writing in a relevant area to get addressed with my query. I'm doing my doctoral research at Bharathiar University currently. I am planning to do some biologging study on freshwater crabs to answer my research objective. Here, I'm seeking for information upon 

1) Which could be the best Biologger to obtain data on temperature, Heart beat and activity using IOT devices for freshwater crabs. I need loggers that can be fitted and left in the wild or lab condition for a while, so that I can later retrieve the data. 

 I find it difficult given that it's hard to get one in India. I could see many tiny loggers of lower prices but I don't know how efficient those are, so could anyone suggest one good model that would work great ? 

Thanks in advance 

A Abinesh 


Hi @Abinesh 

I just did a quick literature search and couldn't find a great deal, which I expect is also the case for you. I did find this paper:

which might offer some ideas. 

And this one too: 

Details on the build are a little scant however, so perhaps you could write to the authors for some instructions? Also found this, and could be another person to contact: 

On the temperature side of logging, and depending on weight restrictions, perhaps something like this: 

There are similarly self-contained smaller(?) temperature loggers around but at a higher price: 


Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but if I find anything else, I'll post it here.


All the best,