Photopoint Monitoring Solutions?

Hey folks,

I was wondering if anyone knows of any great Photopoint Monitoring solutions that already exist?

I'm currently doing my Masters of Design ( and am focusing on how we can improve the social and environmental outcomes of Conservation/Restoration initiatives. One of the areas which keeps cropping up is Photopoints being a headache for 'the average low tech literate project coordinator'.

So, if you know of anything that exists, or anyone who is already working on something - I'd love to hear from them!



Hey Sam, 

This may be an obvious question, but what do you mean when you say 'photopoint monitoring'? Are you talking using camera traps to monitor restoration efforts? Or are you referring to a something different? 


Hi Sam, 

Oh! I understand what you're talking about now, thanks for the additional information. This sort of solution must exist, but it's not something I've come across as yet. Thinking outside the box, I wonder if some of our members who are experienced in film-making might have some ideas? 


Hi Sam!

Some weeks ago I analyzed in my website an app called GrowApp ( that allows you to create timelapses relate with the phenology of the plants, to study how they are adapting to the climate change. I don't know if something like this could be useful to you