discussion / Community Base  / 28 September 2021

Hiring - Technologist in US

Natural Power's Global Wildlife Technology group has an opening for a Technologist in the US.  Our group develops technologies to solve wildlife and energy conflicts. We only work on non-carbon energy projects (wind, solar, etc). As an example see our DARC system 


The job posting is attached but contains some inaccuracies so here are the key points 

Location - Anywhere in the US but east coast is preferred due to need to collaborate with the UK programmers.

Skills - Ideally one candidate would have all of the preferred skills but, as this is unlikely, I think this postion will be filled by either a network/cloud expert OR a hardware/software integration and development expert.  

* Network and Cloud Expert - Azure expertise (event hub, databases, power BI, etc) and network security (implementing secure access through client networks via agreed protocols via jumpboxes, keys, etc). 

* Hardware and Software Expert - Integrating off the shelf hardware via custom software to create new functionality. Testing and validating robustness for use in remote and harsh environments. Installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the systems while they are remotely deployed in harsh environments for months to years.  Some coding (not scripting) skills preferred to ensure good communication with the in house programming team. 

Happy to chat with anyone who is interested [email protected]