discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 27 August 2019

data collection on mobile app

Havuta is developing a mobile application tool for community data collection. We would like to understand the needs of the conservation sector (as our current field of application is in education ngos) in terms of mobile apps for field data collection, as we believe the needs might be similar. Installation difficulties, user interface complexity, incentive mechanisms, data security, etc... we're interested in all your inputs.

If our current, and very simple, prototype can be of use to some of you and we can run a field test we'd be happy to collaborate as well.

Thank you in advance for your input !

Hi Fabian, 

In the interest of helping you get some useful feedback - did you have some more specific questions you wanted answered? 

You might also want to have a look at this thread - Mobile App Comparison Table - as it might have some useful info about what people are looking for, particularly what they've listed under the pros/cons comparision of different mobile apps. 


Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for the link I hadn't seen it. It's very usefull.

i realise I have listed a list of points without specific questions, here are a few:

Do people face difficulties in onboarding users ? What are the reasons for people doing observations in the field for not installing an app ?

We face in the education sector a problem of computer/smartphone literacy that requires the application interface to be very simple. Is this also the case in conservation projects ? Any suggestions to solve this ? Examples ?

Does incentivizing data collectors (users) make a difference in the onboarding process ? Quality of data ? Number of users ?

that's a few to start :)