discussion / Citizen Science  / 1 May 2017

Citizen Science Conservation Apps for travelers?

Hi all, 

What are some citizen science apps for travelers? Like, if there was someone going on vacation to some biodiversity hotspots, what kind of apps would be useful to help with data collection? This way the people going on these trips can both enjoy their trip and help contribute to conservation.




Hey John, 

You may want to check out the chronolog citizen science project to see if there is a photo monitoring station in the park you are visiting. https://www.chronolog.io/

Hi John,

iNaturalist is good for all taxa. If you have birders in the crowd, eBird. and if you have some who may not know birds but are keen to learn, check out Merlin ID. If anyone is keen to record audio of birds calling, they can then upload them via Xeno Canto. eBird and iNat apps also now accept audio, but be sure and check out all three in terms of audio exploration for what might grab the interest of groups most. I really enjoy exploring calls from others using Xeno Canto.


Jessie Oliver


If you're traveling with kids, consider https://www.ecoexplore.net. They can earn points and badges for their observations of plants, animals, insects, and fungi, and can trade points in for prizes. It's focused on North Carolina, but you can upload observations from anywhere. Good ones get syndicated to iNaturalist.