discussion /  / 6 July 2017

Brainstorming get to know you + other discussions we can seed in our groups


Okay, so I'd love to get your ideas/thoughts about different conversations we can get started in the community - everything from 'get to know you' easy discussions that might encourage our shy-er members to get involved, right through to big picture, sticky questions that  might be a bit of a risk to throw out there as we may get nothing back. 

I thought this might be a safe place amongst you guys for us to test out some ideas, create a space to park them, and then have a repository we could draw on for all of us to start these conversations regularly. What do you think? 

So, I'm going to kick this brainstorm off with one that could fit in with everyone's/anyone's groups, or could be a nice one for the general discussion - I'd be interested to here your thoughts about where you think it might belong? 

What have you been working on recently? Share a link to a new blog post, website or other project update!

Projects carried out by WILDLABS members are as varied as the members themselves - what brings us together is an interest in community-building in science. I thought it might be nice to share some quick updates about what we've each been working on. So, if you've written a new blog post recently, launched a new initiative, run a survey, created a podcast episode, hosted a successful event or anything else in your community work, please add a comment and let us know!


Another idea I'm parking here: 

Describe your work in six words

As part of this month's focus on group members and their specialties, the Public Engagement with Science group has challenged participants to describe their work in just six words. Some examples include:

"Visual narratives reconnect society with nature"

"Bring outer space down to earth"

And, our personal favorite, "Most days it's like herding cats."

Can you describe your work in six words? Take the challenge and read the rest of the descriptions here

Oh, another one! 

'What was your best mistake?' - pulling some context from John Cornell's failure article, the lesson learnt thread here and this article:

My Best Mistake by Sian Lockwood OBE

You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.

Don’t be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.

Richard Branson

All entrepreneurs make mistakes – all the time. If you are developing something new you need to be prepared to test, fail, change and try again. Those types of mistakes are part of the entrepreneurial process but a ‘best’ mistake seems to me to be something different. For me a ‘best’ mistake is the one from which I learned most – and (in retrospect only!) am most thankful for.