discussion / Biologging  / 24 April 2023

Better Vectronic Live Feed to Movebank

I have been working with Movebank to get better support for Vectronic Live Feed data. It is now much easier to import and work with these data in Firetail for instance as missing values in fields like satellite count and coordinates are no longer (erroneously) filled with zeroes.

I am still missing inclusion of the tag voltage in the Live Feed as I consider that a critical parameter to keep an eye out for with deployed tags.

If tag voltage was indeed included, Moveapps could be used to make automatic alerts by email when tag voltage dipped below some critical value. 

All this resulted from me trying to combine Live Feed with older data from the same tags (previously downloaded straight from tags).

While combining all our tracking effort I realised that we have surpassed a staggering 100 muskox years of tracking in Zackenberg, Greenland: 

Muskox tracks at Zackenberg, Greenland