discussion / Wildlife Crime  / 18 July 2016

Best tech solutions and their partnerships vs. wildlife crime

Hi Community! I am wondering what you consider as some of the most successful and functional tech solutions to protect wildlife from crime. Bonus point if you know they have built successful partnerships! I am currently working on a case study on the topic (wildlife protection-innovation-partnerships) and looking for solutions to feature. 

If you have built on of those solutions + partnerships, here are some of the questions I have for you:

Was your first move to determine whether you needed a partnership or not? 

What are some of the strategies you used to identify and contact potential partners? Was proximity important?

What specific goals did you have in common with your partners and what made it possible to achieve those goals together?

Did you conduct due diligence and pilots? Did you have formal agreement(s)? What kind(s)?

How much effort and what resources/tools went into managing those partnership(s)? 

Thank you Dave and Stephanie.

Stephanie, I look at partnerships broadly, so both your examples apply. In other words, by partnership I mean an arrangement where two or more parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.

Entering into a partnership can have a number of benefits. However, partnerships can also have a number of challenges, including time, energy, and resources. I am interested in uncovering concrete examples of best practices in building partnerships in the wildlife crime/tech space. 


What's the indended audience for your case study and where will it be published/used, @mariemainil?