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Advice for pilot regen project (New Forest, UK)

I would be very grateful for any advice.

We are working on the conversion of a 3 x acre "brownfield" site in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK. 

The site is presently covered by a substantial amount of concrete, over 41 tons of asbestos, and 2 x huge buildings. We want to remove all the human established materials, and create a new native Ecosystem from scratch, by design.

Please could you let me know of any interesting new innovations or methods for encouraging wildlife development, that may be useful to employ on this site as a PILOT scheme. The sorts of ideas we are looking for are perhap new physical habitabt structures (underground?), new composite soils for burrowing insects, new approaches & methods, even GM solutions.

The underlying phylosophy is to discover new ways, and standards, to protect and encourage native wildlife along the fringes of urban development.

Many thanks




I know this might be controversial but why do anything - why not let nature do it's thing and just observe.  That way it would establish a baseline and help to formulate acellerator interventions for other sites.   Although Knepp has started from a different base it's an interesting story in low intervention rewilding https://knepp.co.uk/

Thanks David,

I understand your point, but we are now collaborating with University research that will be examining (amongst other things) the microbial level, especially in poor and polluted environments. The request still stands, and any relevant collaboration would be welcomed.

All the best.