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Interested in being part of the Enduata Emaa CBO's Green Planet Ambassadors Project in Amboseli? 

About the Enduata Emaa Community Based Organization

Enduata Emaa Community-based Organization was founded in 2021 by its Chairman Samuel Lekato. This was during a time when there was drought and famine within Maasailand (Amboseli, Kenya). Cows were dying, children were sent back home due to lack of school fees, and there were high teenage dropouts. Samuel assembled youth, change makers, and fees for the community to bring change and transform the community substantially. The CBO now advocates about climate change, takes children to school, educates the community about health education, and plants trees.

Enduata means vision in the Maasai language, and Emaa means the Maasai community. The CBO is registered by the government of Kenya.


How they Work
  • Education Programs of Maasai - The CBO community steps to promote and advocate for the education of the community children.
  • Empowering Women and Youth - The CBO believes that every Maasai girl should have a chance to fulfill her dreams. They understand that women are pillars of families and when empowered can reduce poverty.
  • Creating Awareness in Health Issues and Climate Action - The CBO uses a participatory approach and impact analysis to determine the ecological restoration measures that will help in the short-term and long-term to combat these disasters in the future, they are advocating for a diversified economy.
Their Achievements so far...
  • Introducing sustainable agriculture
  • Taking 30 kids to school
  • Advocating climate action
  • Helping the communities
  • Conserving the environment
  • Planting trees
  • Mentorship programs
  • Creating awareness
  • Women and youth empowerment
About the Green Planet Ambassadors Project

The Green Planet Ambassadors Project is hosted under Enduata Emaa CBO aimed at going to schools around Amboseli National Park and teaching youth and children about Climate Change, Conservation, and Sustainability. The programme group is a team of change-makers hoping to champion SDGs in their locality with the main focus on sustainability. 

The motivation for the project comes after the CBO ran random surveys in the community and realised the majority of community members do not have current knowledge on climate-related issues affecting their ecosystem. The first phase of the project targets Amboseli youth who will administrate the training and the teaching to community children. The CBO will hold sessions to equip them first with knowledge on Conservation, Climate Change, Wildlife Protection and Sustainable Agriculture. 

So far, the programme has helped plant over 1000 trees, and held workshops and seminars on climate change and empowerment within the community schools. Recently, the team acquired a projector and are now developing content to teach. 

How you can get involved
  1. The Enduata Emaa CBO team running the Green Planet Ambassadors Project are open to anyone who would love to be a part of their amazing team and provide any kind of support developing and delivering lessons. 
  2. The CBO team is also interested in conservation technology focused on how to keep wild animals away from community homesteads and how to measure carbon levels in the soil. Please comment below and share any resources you can suggest that would be helpful.

If you would like to get in touch, please find the contact details below:

Samuel Lekato - Founder and Chairman, Enduata Emaa CBO

Phone: +254710334396 

Email: [email protected] or [email protected] 

@richardturere Hello :) and a warm welcome to WILDLABS! Here is the link to @Lekato Samuel Lekato - Founder and Chairman, Enduata Emaa CBO. Sam is interested in conservation technology focused on how to keep wild animals away from community homesteads in Amboseli and I reckon your Lion Lights could help. I'll let you two take on the conversation from here. Thanks!