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What events/workshops are you looking forward to? 

Hi wildlabbers, 

I need some hivemind help! What conservation tech related events are you looking forward to in the next few months? I'm talking webinars, workshops, conferences, talks - in person or virtual. Drop me some links and tell me why you're excited! 

(ps - I definitely don't care if you're running an event or attending - 100% feel free to give yours a shameless plug!)



And another one in South Africa (hybrid though, so some virtual events as well) - 

International Statistical Ecology Conference in Cape Town, June 27-July 1. 


Workshops, plenaries & sessions on eDNA analysis, modeling animal movement, occupancy models for camera trap data, AI for acoustic monitoring, etc. 

Hi Steph,

This Forest Innovation Summit in San Francisco in autumn, either in person or (more likely) virtually. There was also this recent Fire and Climate Conference held virtually and in Pasadena led by the Int'l Assn of Wildland Fire. I'm working my way through the recordings, but there was a lot of remote sensing and spatial work presented. A twin wildfire conference is being held in Melbourne now, this week, by IAWF as well.



So I don't lose track of things, I'm dropping other replies I'm getting on various channels here: 

  • @Dr_Kayleigh_Fawcett_Williams We’ve got Wildlifetek Summer School coming up! My favourite time of year ☀️ https://www.wildlifetek.com/summerschool
  • @Debbie_Saunders We're really excited about The Wildlife Society's Annual Conference in Spokane, Washington where they will be an all day drones for wildlife symposium coordinated by the TWS drone working group in November. https://lnkd.in/dt7MSjSY
  • @dtsavage Theoretically at least, my PhD defense (knock on wood nothing else goes horribly wrong)
  • @Oliver_Metcalf Shameless plug as it's already on WildLabs, but really excited for the UK Acoustic Network Symposium on Monitoring UK Biodiversity, 15-16th June in Manchester https://t.co/XvE93pikqc 
  • Tiffany Zorotrian: Looking forward to the Society for Wildlife Forensic Science conference in late October. I always enjoy learning about novel research techniques and discussing my work with others

And a few other things I've seen just today that look super interesting: