discussion / Camera Traps  / 17 February 2021

Wide angle camera trap

I am looking for a camera trap model with a wide(r) angle lense than the conventional ones offer. The model needs to be able to function properly in a tropical forest environment. Any hints would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Robert,

Thanks so much for your response. I am trying to observe the behavior of forest elephants. In previous trials with regular bushnell/reconyx models the field of vision was quite restricted, especially if the elephants were relatively close to the camera (they are big :))! I can't afford very pricey models which would perhaps allow a wide angle lense, but was wondering if the more affordable models vary in terms of field of vision and which ones would provide the widest angle. I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks for your time!

Hi Daniela,

Ah, yes that makes sense. So, I am guessing you need both width and height in case the elephants come close to the camera.

I have not personally used any wide angle camera traps.  I do see there are some available online (e.g. a quick Amazon search for "wide angle trail camera"), but I don't recognize any of those companies / brands.  Several are listed for approximately $50 USD but their demos and product descriptions leave me worried they might not be reliable in your demanding environment (moisture, animal interaction, battery life, etc.).

Hopefully someone else here has more experience with wide-angle units and can be more helpful.


Yes - you are right. I have seen similar models but they seem to be more appropriate for temperate climates and not the tropics. The price makes me suspicious! Thanks a lot for looking into it